Edible Shores (Sustainable Foraging, Pop-Up Restaurant,Accommodation and hiking trails)

Foraging experience and Pop-Up Restaurant in Pringle Bay

Wed, 14/12/2022, 18H00 - Thu, 10/08/2023, 21H00

Thu, 14/12/2023, 18H00 - Fri, 09/08/2024, 21H00

Edible Shores will be having a pop-up restaurant that will serves delicious seafood sustainably sourced through foraging. This will including all mollusks, mussels, alikreukel, crayfish (in season), seaweed, kelp and fynbos (in season). We will educate you on what is available and what is not available to harvest in the area. A license is necessary to harvest any of the abovementioned foods. We also offer hiking trails, accommodation and foraging events.

Booking dates for Pop up restaurant: 14th, 16th & 21st of December 2022
Price: R350 p/p
Booking dates for Foraging 10th & 23rd December 2022
Price: R850 p/p excludes licence
Accommodation self catering: R500 p/p per night sharing

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Business Information

Edible Shores

Coastline Foraging Experience.

  • 5 hours
  • includes a 1 hr beach rock pool
  • exploration and learn about local seaweed
  • 6 course culinary feast
  • presented by carmen @ the edible shores kitchen.

Pop-up Restaurant

  • 3 course seafood(mussels/prawns/fish),
  • seaweed & fynbos infused meals
  • presented by Carmen
  • @ the edible shores kitchen
  • a sit down lunch or dinner

ALL INCLUSIVE 2-Day Hike in the Overberg,

  • shared accommodation, 1 night stay includes 2
  • meals, snorkelling (weather permitting), exclusive
  • history of the area, edible fynbos/seaweed
  • experience, qualified guides, education on local fynbos
Edible Shores, Sustainable Seaweed foraging

We off 5 to 6 hour experiences learning how to forage seaweed, fynbos and mushrooms from the earth sustainably.  We take you out into the wild and show you all the different seaweed and mollusks that we can find.  You'll learn how to harvest, clean and prepare the harvest and enjoy a 6 course meal.  Many of the dishes would have already been prepared by us so that you can sit, relax, have a drink and enjoy the rest of your experience without too much hard work!

This is an experience for all ages.  It's a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift.  All in all a wonderful day out.  Group bookings are very popular and wonderful is you want to do something different.



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