We are who we are

Well.. We are who we are...

What does it mean? Where do i go with this? Quite frankly I’m not sure but in my twisted mind it will all make sense at some stage in this blog.

As I’m sitting here doing a few things at once (fb, work, think about life) I’m kinda stuck in a rutt. As we all love Pringle Bay with all our heart and would all probably die here , we have a strong urge to leave this silly little town with all it ups and downs. I’ve been living here since 1982 and i did break away and by break away I mean left the country but not the continent. And while you "on the other side of the world" you tend to realise that home truely is where the heart is... And Pringle Bay is where my heart is

As much as I sometimes hate it here I love it more. 

Hate: well every place has its hick ups and know it alls. Know it alls that doesn't care abt the other side... one side is enough to make a conclusion.

Love: whats not to love about this place...the beach...the people...the sunsets...the South Easter (hold on to your door wind)...the North Wester (rain wind), fynbos, wild life ( not every one experiences this), dark nights (no street lights), silence, Sunday morning moto gp on the R44 @09:00, awesome views from my house... and the lucky few that lives on the beach front...

Anyway... thoughts are jumping around in my head on what I’m suppose to say more... I geuss this post will be edited a few times until I get it right... bare with me.. I’ll get there.