On a more serious note

“The life of a street Adult”

I’m taking on a topic that most people dread to tread on, but something inside me is pushing me towards it with force and I’m going to do this... Over the next few days/weeks I’m going to sit down and talk to people who live on the streets… and not just any one… two adults in particular. They roam Cape Rd intersections with cardboard signs that read “really struggling, please we need help”

I find myself sitting in my work transport with my warm bright orange jacket and complaining about having to wear long pants to work because I’m so use to wearing shorts. These people stand there in blistering winds and freezing cold winter mornings begging for a chance in life. Now I don’t take out my wallet and support whatever they do with the money they get because I have my own theory about what happens to the cash, and I’m sure 95% of you reading this will share my thoughts. I believe it goes towards satisfying a bad habit… a bad habit I use to do when I was younger. I’m not shy to say that I’ve also walked down that road. It all starts somewhere… Puff this …sniff that…double drop this… whoooowhoooop life is good… for that short period of time. I’m one of the fortunate ones that after many years of bad habits managed to step out of that game and didn’t end up on some random street corner begging for my life back.

No. I got up, I worked and I’m successful in what I do. Yeah I bitch and moan about things… About things these people dream about having… over time work… Not having money 3 before payday… a job… annoying people on my Facebook… the list goes on. I want to find out what makes these people tick. Why a street corner and not a carwash…. Why beg instead of building trust and making way towards a job… if its drugs, tell me why… and I’ll tell you why not. I’m going to try and dig deep into their lives over the next few days/weeks. I don’t know how long I’m going to be here for but I’m going to try and find out how when where and why

I’m going to print my blogs about them every time I write and I’m going to show them and if they can’t read ill read it to them. I want them to know that there are people out that cares and wants to help and just don’t know how…. Yet…

I’ll urge them to be as honest as possible…won’t use their real names unless they say I may. I want you to please comment on what I write. Please give me your 5 cents worth. I’m not going to ask for money. I’m not going to ask for sponsors or donations. I’m merely going to ask for advice to help a fellow human being get back on track.

Please share this as much as possible to as many friends you think would give sound advice to help….cause all they need is help, trust, appreciation and I chance in life…