life of a street adult : continued

life of a street adult : continued

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I’ll urge them to be as honest as possible…won’t use their real names unless they say I may. I want you to please comment on what I write. Please give me your 5 cents worth. I’m not going to ask for money. I’m not going to ask for sponsors or donations. I’m merely going to ask for advice to help a fellow human being get back on track.

Please share this as much as possible to as many friends you think would give sound advice to help….cause all they need is help, trust, appreciation and I chance in life…


Well I haven’t seen the street adults/kids for a few days now and I kind of got the feeling I might have scared them off…so I went around and tried to find out a bit more about them by the people I’ve seen them with…not much was said except that the guy was left on the streets by his dad since he was six and been a street kid all his life…the girl I couldn’t find out anything, except she’s been around for a good couple of weeks now.

Also the people told me that they are drug addicts and tik monsterkies and smoke crack and all that sheeeeet…. But like I said before. I have a theory about these things and my gut also tells me its drugs. Which it probably is… but is there a reason for that? Why is the only answer always drugs?

Apparently the church was there to try and help these people…. Ngo’s have frequented them to try and help, apparently. But I haven’t tried…and I’d like to give it a try… it’s probably not going to mean anything. It might not help …I might be wasting my time…s*** I don’t care. But they have one thing coming if we sit down tomorrow morning for our chat… I’m going to be as straight forward as I can be and be in their faces about it. Not to be nasty or anything, but they need to know and understand what we think and I’d like to transfer their feelings and message over to the man in the car sponsoring their habits/lifestyle by giving them money. I’ve seen them (him) sell the food given to them with good intentions for cash. So that already tells me it’s about the money…money for what? Money for drugs? Because it’s definitely not going towards food otherwise you wouldn’t sell it.

So hopefully my venture will begin tomorrow morning and I’m not going to buy into bulls*** stories. Been there done that. And they will know very well that I’m serious. I’ll play my Dad's game… he know all too well how to get info out of people and so can I.

Hold thumbs I have something to write about tomorrow night…

Thanx for your time

life of a street adult : continued


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