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Fynbos Enterprises

Delivery Menu

We are open again for business.

Operating Hours:
  • Monday - Friday: 16:30 - 19:00
  • Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 11:00 - 19:00

Honey R135 per 1.2kg and R70 for 500gr.

Cosmetics, etc. also available for delivery.

Contact Fynbos Enterprises on 083 384 7820 or 083 665 3945.
All transactions cash or eft.

All products will be available for delivery, a surcharge of R15 per delivery will be charged.

Askoek Breakfasts

Bacon & Egg - R45.00

Salami & Cheese - R35.00

Biltong & Cheese - R35.00

Cheese & Marmite - R25.00

Cheese & Jam - R25.00

Chicken & Salad - R50.00

Salami & Salad - R50.00

Salad & Pesto (avo when available) - R35.00

Plain - R6.00

Pizzas - All Pizzas R95.00

Spekbossie - Bacon, Ham, Olives & Feta

Blombos - Salami, Olives, Mushrooms, Sundried Tomato

Red Hot Poker - Bacon, Olives, Garlic & Chilli

Hongerblom (Vegetarian) - Spinach, Feta, Mushrooms, Sundried Tomato, Garlic & feta

Blushing Bride - Chicken, peppadew, Mushroom & pineapple

Painted Lady - Hame, Peppadew & Pineapple

Blue Disa - Anchovies, Blue Cheese, Olives & Garlic

Sewejaartjie (Three Cheeses) - Mozzarella, Feta & Cheddar

Biltong - Biltong, Olives & Mushrooms

Options toppings - R10.00 each

  • Chilli, Garlic, Capers & Avo

Foccacia - R40.00

Delivery Menu

Fynbos Enterprises

Fynbos Enterprises is a surprise just waiting to be discovered in the heart of Pringle Bay. This petit shop is a buzzing hive of handcrafted and unique items where you will be spoiled for choice. Stock up on products such as candles and toiletries made using beeswax and raw honey, gourmet and decade...

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