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Blog: We are who we are 2

Published: 21 April 2016
By:Nico Willemse

So I ended my last entry with bla bla bla getting lost etc.

I was still trying to figure out where I’m suppose to go with whole blog thing..seeing that I aint no expert in writing my feelings or thoughts down...and funny enuff it feels pretty cool to be able to do it... things I wont normally say will be said here...and its not like I’m shy to say what I think and some times say things before my brain has processed it... but it doesnt bother me to much.. I have enuff friends and I like them..haha

We live in an awsome little spot with awsome people. Most of them anyway. living in a small town has made me realise a few things... which I’m not going to get into right now....hahaha...first I need to grow a pair.

Let me give you some insight into Head Office Pub and the centre. The developers of the website has gone far and beyond to get info regarding the history of Pringle Bay and did a great job. Some people still dont know why the centre called Drostersgat ... I find myself thinking "dude wtf"... the name derives from an old hide out cave from 18 foetsek' the cast aways use to hide there. Being local for so long and being called pretty much everything bad in the dictionary the name couldnt serve me better... tucked away in the far left back corner of the centre is a little spot called Head Office Pub. To most its known as "Die Gat"..."Drostersgat" but very few knows the real name of the pub. But when u order a drink and look up you will see the name . I kinda like the various names for the bar/pub..even I say "kom ons gaan gat toe" "lets go to the hole" for the non afrikaans readers.

For the last 13 years weve been hitting it hard there. And I know most of you reading this has probably done the same...eish..if those walls can speak .... and they did for a few years. the writing was literaly against the wall. notes, stories, pictures,art and the ocational "p" word made us a very popular place to revisit over and over again. Again..some people dont think so..to those I say "get a life"

We are who we are cause we choose to be..... and there is nothing no one can do to change that

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