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Blog: We are who we are 3...finale?

Published: 24 April 2016
By:Nico Willemse

So I ended the last entry with " because we choose to be".... well...do we really choose to be or were we drilled in the direction we are now or were we always like this and we just never realised it?

I’d like to think that we chose to be the way we are...some are to dumb to realise that there is better ways and some are to deep up anothers arse to be able to see what its all about...

Let’s take what happened this morning at 05:00 at of my house..I was sleeping and enjoying the toughts of a great evening I had last night... ja ja I’ll tell you more later..thats the point I was trying to make. I woke up with some youngsters screaming infront of my house in propper pirate lingo that I was a !@#!%#% and a dumb $%&... well son...I’ve been around longer than your daddy so to you I say "sticks and stones boy...sticks and stones"

Now I know these were youngsters as their voices hadnt even broken yet..they sounded like 16 year old girls on heat after 2 beers. They have no idea what its all about yet and judging their imaculate performance this morning I doubt they ever going to. Thank you to their parents for that..no culture.

Now you get grown ups that are exactly the same. The scream and cary on like little kids without thinking about the damage being done whilst doing what they do. Self benifit?..Or just being who they are? 

Im not saying my way is correct...but hell I’ve tried a few ways and I seem to come back to my way....

And this is who I am..if you dont like it, it doesnt bother me..and if you do..well then we are probaly friends right now and will be for a long time

We are who we are and thats the bottom line...

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