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Blog: Did i just say that?

Published: 26 April 2016

Enuff abt the "We are who we are" thing..i think we all get it...and if you dont do google Stuart wilde....He will blow your mind...

Lets get down to the nitty gritty about head office pub, or as we know it, the gat,.... Now im not gonna try and convince you to come and tell you we are the best place and bla bla. I would rather tell you what we do for fun. The venue is important but without the awsome souls wondering the earth the venue is pointless..its like going on a date with a brick....

Well we share the whole Vegas saying "what happens in Vegas" but with a twist. "what happens at the gat (hole/ass) , goes on facebook and youtube....hence the reason half the inhabitants of south Africa has seen my nuts, approx 2000 Americans and about 1000 Ausies.Let me explain

31 december 2010, at my house in pringles a whole bunch of us were having a few drinks...nope...we were getting hammered and some one mentioned something about the naked mile. i kind of remember this cause the thought hadnt even settled in any one's minds and i was naked in the road and ready to go...follow this link and see why the ausies, the americans and one gay dude made a beefy comment about...well go and check for yourself...


i recon abt 50% of all woman thats visited the pub has, somewhere in their collection, a of pic of my arse or my nuts.

My mom,the woman i love so much is the reason for this. Now it doesnt take much to get me out of my clothes, although lately ive been able to control the urge. if you have an imagination keep that space open for the next few lines.

The pub is full,Robbie Wessels...leeuloop is playing load and clear.Loaded with dutch courage(brandy and coke) the leeuloop begins. It was never my intention to show of more than what was needed to complete the leeuloop successfully. I was in full stride when all of a sudden my arse was on fire due to a massive slap on my ass. 

I jumped up in a moment of pain and grabbed my ass , not realising that at that point the lion slipped out of its tucked position , much to the suprise , or delight, of the local paparazzi that evening . I realised that i was in full show of the public judging by the camera flashes going off. It felt like an hour passed by the time i got my pants up.

I turned around I realised that the powerfull slap on my ass was from my mom. I now thank her for that infamous slap, cause that was largly the reason for the improvement of my sex life. Thanx Mom...

Guys,  im not saying let it all hang out al the time, but if it slips out every now and then by accident , it helps....success

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