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Published: 11 May 2016

I see we not too keen on the funny stories so I thought I’d try to revert back to my infomercial type blogs that give you more info that you probably didn’t know.

I’ve told you before that the name Drostersgat derived from an old hide out for escaped slaves in the early 18 voetseks. They had to make a living to so they established “farms” and grew crops and had sheep and cattle…. Eventually… and all of this happened in the area we now live in called Pringle bay and the Rooi Els area.

For the slaves make money they had to sell their goods in the markets. There was a problem though. They needed a day pass to enter the markets in those days and escapee slaves were not to welcome back in the day. So they had to make a plan and decided to kidnap some one that could read and write for them and issue these day passes so they could roam freely in the market place and sell their goods.

As the rumour goes the unfortunate victims was a brother and sister who got kidnapped and was held hostage in the Drostersgat area.(the slave cave) The kids had to issue them the day passes and it worked well for a while until the kids realised what was happening. They found out the slaves couldn’t read or write and instead of issuing a day pass they faked a day pass and wrote a note to send help and where they were held hostage.

As the slaves went on their daily tours to town market they got caught out and was put in prison and a rescue team eventually rescued the brother and sister pair and and and….

Not much has changed from those days till today. Today the slaves (barman) kidnaps the client and makes him pay for his stay at the Drostersgat. False day passes gets issued via WhatsApp and the hostages then think they “safe” from their masters (wifes)… unfortunately the Head office day care centre for husbands will not be held responsible for these fake day passes and if they get caught out we’ll try our best to keep the wifes here to….

Thought of the day:

Share your wisdom if you have cause when you die your wisdom dies with you…unless you share it when you alive.

I sound like a philosopher.     HAHAHA                                                                                                                                  

 Nico Willemse

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