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Blog: life of a street adult : continued 3

Published: 05 September 2016

Unfortunately the high wasn’t good enough so “better” drugs was tried and tested….and here we are again….Heroin….. Probably the worst drug out there “we didn’t ever think we’d ever use heroin but before we knew it we were hooked”

“We don’t smoke it, we inject it”

“You don’t care about the condition of the needles you use?”

“At first we did but as we progressed in our addiction we ended up not giving damn anymore.”

I look at Michelle’s arms and it looks like boils on her arms. I’m not quite sure what it is and I didn’t bother asking. The only thing I could think of is that it’s got to do with the drugs. Then I thank the Big Chief that I had the grey matter activated to stop while I was still ahead.

Patrick looks like he is in puberty with all the pimple look alike rash on his forehead. “Is that because of the heroin?” without blinking he said yes and had this unsatisfying smile on his cheeks. I kind of wished I could slap the smile of his cheeks but it wasn’t going to get me or him anywhere.

So back to the needles used to inject themselves, when asked if he knows he’s probably got some serious disease because of dirty needles he just pulled his shoulders up and said “we don’t care anymore, we care about killing the beast with in” At R30 a pop it is not a very expensive habit at first, but as the addiction grows and the beast gets stronger it gets worse and worse.

How much do they make a day? Previously up to R500 a day but someone in town wrote abt them all and that had quite an impact on cash flow. Nowadays they lucky if the get R120-R150 a day of which most goes to drugs….yes they buy food…but from what I’ve seen they get enough food during the day because that is what most people give them instead of money. Patrick has the tendency of trying to sell his food he gets to the petrol attendants for cash rather instead of having something to eat rather. I confronted him about it and just laughed and said he needs the cash rather to buy heroin to satisfy his need. Michelle on the other hand does actually eat although it doesn’t look like it because she’s rather skinny. Someone told me that once a lady gave her some cosmetics and soap etc. and Patrick sold it for a couple of bucks at the local fuel pumps. They’ll spend about R100 on heroin a day and standing at a robot begging for money for more is no longer an issue for them… “It’s an easy life with no stress” they say. I say I’d rather go with a little stress in my life and not stand on a street corner begging for money to buy drugs…

“So Patrick, doesn’t the fact that you probably have aids/hiv bother you?”

“Not at all. As a matter of fact I don’t really care anymore. I’ve used some real dodgy needles in my life, twisted, burnt, bent, you name it. But when the beast takes over you lose all inhibitions and just care about your next fix…….”

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