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The Beach Laundry is Pringle Bay’s local laundromat offering professional laundry services to locals and holidaymakers in the area. The team at The Beach Laundry know that doing laundry is one of the most unappealing and uninteresting tasks that the everyday individual must do. So they took it upon themselves to rid you of that task. The Beach Laundry will take the washing, ironing and folding of clothes off your hands. They will remove those dreaded hard-to-get-out stains from your clothes and clean your rugs. Your clothes, linen and other laundry items will be safe, sound and squeaky-clean back in your home in no time with The Beach Laundry’s speedy laundry services. Clients can get discounts on large laundry batches and guest houses and rental agents have their own specialized packages to choose from. The Beach Laundry does not have dry cleaning facilities.

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