Handmade Fudge and Brittle

I started making fudge for our biltong shop two years ago with the idea to supplement our income. Using my grandmother's recipe and after loads of tears and many late nights we finally got a great product.

I was six months pregnant and woke up one morning feeling very discouraged thinking how will we be
able to look after little Maya if we don't even have enough for ourselves. I asked the Lord to please give me guidance.

That same week my house maid Christine's husband accidentally stepped onto their 4 month old puppy which led to a broken hip. That Friday morning we took the puppy “Ounooi” to the SPCA. After a long wait the vet told us that he will have to operate and we will have to put down R800 on Monday or they will have to put Onooi down. Christine was in tears...

That night I could not sleep, trying to figure out how we are going to get the money in two days? The next morning I woke up and phoned Christine telling her she better hurry up we are going to make fudge and sell it in town.

The Golf Club had a golf day on and everybody told us we should try and sell our fudge there as well.
Andre, the captain of the club, was so kind to tell the whole sad story at the prize giving and auctioned the fudge starting at a R100! Some people were even willing to pay a R150!

By the end of the day we made R800! What a wonderful closed knit community we have, I thought to myself, everybody is always willing to help.
They absolutely loved the fudge and it made me realize that maybe I should take this further. The Lord
gave me the guts to go out there and sell my product. The next week I got into my car starting at the Oumeul Bakery in town and went all the way down the N2...
I must say my big belly helped allot because a lot of people could not say no to a pregnant lady....

Six years later we have 6 ladies in our employ. Making our own condensed milk and producing over two tonnes of fudge a month. We supply close to 250 shops and are now also making Choc Almond Brittle. We also have plans to start making Crunchy Oats cookies soon. The feed back we get from our customers is very positive and they are always asking us what we are going to make next.

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