Phoenix Festival of Fire
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Fri, Jun-23, 16H00 - Sun, Jun-25, 17H00

This intimate festival celebrates the Winter Solstice – a period which marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun appears at its lowest point in the sky. For decades, the Solstice has formed an integral part of spiritual belief. In many cases, the Winter Solstice is associated to the birth of the sun which is often seen as a symbol of “enlightenment” – be it awakening, self-realisation, salvation or epiphany. This may serve as a metaphor for spiritual consciousness – that for us to truly emerge from darkness, we must undergo spiritual evolution and cycles of change.

It is during this time of darkness that new life can emerge. In ancient years, the darkness itself was seen as the spiritual cradle in which the sun can be “reborn.” The festivities which occur around the Solstice serve to reconnect people with planet through a process of ritual, reflection and renewal. This is a time of change and awakening – to change is to move with Mother Nature, to dance as she dances and embrace the constant ebb and flow of the universe.

As the sun returns, a divine source of creation and life, we give thanks to the universe for its transformation and revival. Just as our physical senses must adapt to the elements that be, so must our focus and understanding change as we begin to perceive the world in a new light once more – exploring new states of consciousness and existence.

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