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The spirit of dance plays a tremendous role in cultures and beliefs across the globe. Dance has connected people all over the world for centuries and brought people together to celebrate, express, communicate, heal and, of course, love!

In Africa, San shamans use dance to enter a trance-like state known as Kia which is said to stimulate out-of-body experiences for healing Mother Earth and her people. Although our dances differ, there are some things that remain the same – dance strengthens human ties; it boasts the power to reconcile and uplift the spirit, and allows us to reach a natural state of euphoria by reconnecting with primal, unadulterated energy.

In the Circle of Dreams, rhythms and beats compel beings from all walks of life to move as a collective entity; it is within this safe and magical place that we are able to expand our consciousness, express our innermost emotions and uplift and nourish not only ourselves but our brothers and sisters of life.

Some might say that music and dance is a force powerful enough to change the world if you are open enough to feel it.

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