Thu, 08/12/2016, 10H00 - Mon, 12/12/2016, 17H00

The spirit of dance plays a tremendous role in cultures and beliefs across the globe. Dance has connected people all over the world for centuries and brought people together to celebrate, express, communicate, heal and, of course, love!

In the Circle of Dreams, rhythms and beats compel beings from all walks of life to move as a collective entity; it is within this safe and magical place that we are able to expand our consciousness, express our innermost emotions and uplift and nourish not only ourselves but our brothers and sisters of life.

Some might say that music and dance is a force powerful enough to change the world if you are open enough to feel it.

Dance is the hidden language of our soul!

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XP Voodoo / Zyce / Bim / Drukverdeler / 2012 / Rosa Ventura / Tim Duster / Creator / Flooting Grooves / Kai Mathesdorf / Thaty / K-Jos / Connecto / DJ Mark / Moog / Headroom / Bernz / Bruce / Absynth / Rubix Qube / Killer B / SoNic / Conscious Chaos / Killawatt / Zezia / siLO / Drifter / Thomas / Tigerlili / Bonnie & Clyde / Mystrix / Jamal / Formul8 / Cryptic / Janarchy / Spliff Politix / Nritya / Clear Particles / Stereo Fiction / Wild Lettuce / RoomMush / Fractal / Ninja Jack / Jostradamus / Crushharder / PsyOps / Semantic Drift / Xefin / Jukebox

Full Camping Facilities – Free Hot Showers, Flush-Toilets, Mountain Spring Drinking Water, Shaded Camping by your car (limited, 1st come 1st serve), Communal 24 Hour Braai Fires in all Camping Zones, around the clock security, Medics, Art Performances, Food Vendors, Workshops, Trade Stalls, Beautiful Swimming River & so much more. Give yourself 5 days to uplift the soul, nourish the mind and feed your universe.

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Tickets valid from 10 AM Thursday for 5 day camping & 4 nights of music


(1 September till 7 December 2016)

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Valid From 9 AM Saturday - 73 Hours / 3 Days & 2 Nights of Music & Camping


(1 September till 7 December)

We have a strict ID policy - No ID no entrance!
EFT, cash deposits & wire transfer payments via Quicket close 3 days before ticket sales end.
Pictures of tickets will not be accepted as a form of ticket, only original email tickets, printed out versions of those tickets or saved on your phone and hard copy pre-sale tickets will be accepted. Unfortunately there are no day passes available as we are not able to remove people off site at the end of the day.



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