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Creating Tomorrow's Readers

Children’s Book Network (CBN) is a programme centred around changing young mindsets about reading. For young children, reading is seen as a school-related chore nowadays, rather than a fun activity that can broaden their horizons. CBN is working diligently to change that. Based in Stanford but also operating in Clanwilliam, Hermanus, Mitchell's Plain and Khayelitsha, CBN works mainly with children from disadvantaged communities and families where books are hard to come by and are not seen as important for their child's development. Their main tools in making reading fun again are workshops, where they engage with children in numerous activities using their inspiring Toolboxes. Toolboxes are themed chests that house all the reading materials and activities that the children will do for the next ten consecutive workshops. Workshops typically take place on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and school holidays and can accommodate 25 children per workshop.

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