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In 2002, a small group of women living in Stanford conducted a survey within their community to establish what the pressing issues were. It was apparent that there was an urgent need for an IsiXhosa based preschool in the area. This group of women then established a registered NPC (non-profit company) organization called Food 4 Thought and then opened Funimfundo preschool alongside the Die Kop informal settlement situated just outside Stanford. Funimfundo, which means seeking knowledge, opened its doors in 2003 and since then has been preparing 55, three to six-year-old children for bright schooling careers and even brighter futures. A visit to Funimfundo is a guaranteed feel-good moment!

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Food 4 Thought addresses the need for isiXhosa preschoolers in the community and small community-based projects. They currently employ a principal, three teachers, a cook, a driver and an accountant.  Maryanne Ward is the project manager and is paid a Stipend. Funimfundo teachers are trained to accredited diploma level and they prescribe to the national curriculum for preschools. Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Day in the life

Day in the life

The students of Funimfundo get taught the standard preschool curriculum from Monday to Friday during a school term.  

Time Day activity
  • The Funimfundo bus collects children from the bus stop.
  • Children enjoy a healthy breakfast.
  • Class begins and basic arithmetic, reading, and writing are taught.
  • Children have their play time after which a small snack is served. Children then take part in sports and extracurricular activities, such as arts and crafts.
  • Children enjoy a healthy lunch made with veggies grown on the premises by the little ones themselves.
  • Well deserved nap.
  • Children have a final snack before they leave for home on the Funimfundo bus.  
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Other Projects

Other Projects

Food 4 Thought has a number of projects running alongside the exceptional Funimfundo preschool project. The following projects all center around the Die Kop informal settlement:

Vegetable Garden

The teachers at Funimfundo premises, Food 4 Thought has initiated a vegetable garden project. The vegetable garden gives the children the opportunity to learn something new every time they get their hands dirty when they help plant seeds and pick vegetables. The vegetables are used to supplement healthy meals.

Art Workshops

The community art workshops are generously conducted by local artists who volunteer to help the learners develop their artistic talents.

Creative Worx

Local Occupational Therapist, Regina Broenner, runs the Creative Worx project to support early learning, children, teachers and parents. 

Funimfundo Outings

Well organized and supervised quarterly outings ensure that the children get to travel outside of their community. Panthera Africa Wildcat Sanctuary and the Cape Town Aquarium are just two of the recently visited venues.



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Over the past 15 years, Food 4 Thought has administered Funimfundo preschool purely by the generous donations received both locally and abroad, as well as by hosting locally based fundraising events.  The need for excellent preschool education is a constant and your support towards early childhood development will assist Food 4 Thought to continue running this very successful project.

If you wish to be a part of the reason a young boy or girl starts his/her schooling career on a good foot contact Food 4 Thought to donate an amount of your choosing. Moreover, contact Food 4 Thought and become one of the many people who has volunteered their time to make Funimfundo a great place to learn your ABC.



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