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Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation just outside Stanford in the Overberg. The organisation provides a safe haven for rescued captive-bred big cats, and no breeding or trading takes place. Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary works towards educating the public on conservation matters and offers educational and sunset visits by arrangement. You can expect to see lions, leopards, tigers, cheetahs, caracals and even one or two non-cat residents that call the sanctuary home. Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary's passionate guides share information about each resident's journey and highlight the plight of captive bread animals in the world. To remain self-sustaining, Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary welcomes donations and thanks you for your interest.

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“Saving one animal will not change the world, but surely for that one animal, the world will change forever."  Karen Davison

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation founded by Lizaene Cornwall and Cathrine Nyquist. The environmentally friendly rescue centre provides shelter for captive-bred big cats and other animals, that include:

  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Tigers
  • Cheetahs
  • Caracals
  • Jackals 
 The Sanctuary

On 40 hectares of natural paradise just outside Stanford in the Overberg, the big cats enjoy fresh air, lush trees, a natural spring and an amazing 360-degree mountain view!

The Panthera team strongly believes in the saying, "Unity Makes Strength", and that by standing together there can be a prosperous future for humans and animals. By means of educational visits, programmes, presentations and social media, the sanctuary reveals the truth about the abuse big cats face in captivity. 

Panthera’s resident cats have been rescued from canned hunting farms, tiger and lion bone trade, cub petting zoos, breeding farms, zoos, circuses and private homes.

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Educational Visits

Educational Visits

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary offers educational visits led by knowledgeable and passionate staff who will share interesting facts about the sanctuary’s residents.

  • Pre-Bookings Only
  • Minimum Four People 
  • Maximum 25 People
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • Adults - R340
  • Children (under 13) - R170
  • Pensioners - R240
  • Members and Families of 4+ qualify for a 10% discount
Times / October 2022 to January 2022
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 09:00 and 16:00
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • 1.5 - 2-hours
Sunset Visits

Sunset Visits

Sunset is a magical time of day at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary and the Panthera team invites the public to join them, and the big cats, for a unique experience. As the sun sets, the cats come alive, after a long day of rest and you might even get to hear and see them roar with happiness!

A guide will take you around the big cat enclosures and tell you each resident’s story and how they came to be at Panthera Africa. Learn interesting and important facts about each species and about the big cat industry as a whole. 

  • Pre-Bookings Only 
  • Regret No Children Under 13 Years Old
  • Minimum Four People 
  • Maximum 25 people
  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • R490 per person 
Times / October 2022 to January 2023
  • October - 17:00
  • November - 17:30
  • December - 18:00
  • January - 18:00
  • 2-hours


“Inspired to share in our dream and make a difference? In unity there is strength, and together we create change for a brighter tomorrow!”

 Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation that is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with the Department of Social Development and the South African Revenue Service. The organisation is authorised to issue tax certificates for large donations. 

Banking Details

Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: Panthera Africa NPC
Account Number: 62459961142
Branch Code: 250 655



“I really enjoyed my visit to this wonderful Sanctuary. The cats at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary are rescued and are now protected and given a forever home. Unfortunately, they cannot be introduced to the wild. I feel this is a true sanctuary without any interaction from people and no breeding or selling. The guides are very well-informed, and enthusiastic, you can see how caring they are. It is well worth a visit to be able to understand the crisis of animals in the world.”  Jackie
“I loved the animals and cherished every minute spent with them. I felt very welcome and supported by the staff at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary.”  Juan
“Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is a true sanctuary with no petting, breeding or trading of cats. My family and I not only enjoyed seeing these magnificent cats but also received an education on intensive cat farming and the bone trade. Our guide was lovely and shared stories of the individual cats. Wish we could help them all. Highly recommend a visit here.”  Sosman
“I had an incredible time volunteering alongside some amazing people at Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary in Stanford. The friendly staff taught us many things about conservation and caring for big cats. Educational and fun.”  Ronin
“I had the privilege of visiting Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary several months ago. They are 1000% committed to these big cats, many of whom come from abusive situations. It's one of the true big cat sanctuaries out there. Educational, informative and beautiful.”  Briony
“What an amazing experience. The information provided by Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary has made me look at all so-called sanctuaries in a different light.”  Kevin
“We had a lovely, educational, and informative experience with Megan. Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is doing such amazing work, providing sanctuary for these big cats that otherwise get bred for sinister reasons. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the sanctuary, cats, and Panthera's mission! Definitely a must-see!”  Lukas



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