Self Sufficiency Workshop
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Wed, Oct-12, 08H00 - Sun, Oct-16, 16H00

During the workshop, you will experience keeping chickens & rabbits, including slaughtering, skinning and plucking (optional), and how to garden and grow your own organic veggies, herbs and fruit. We will share fascinating insight into the world of the Cape Honeybee and the basic principles of beekeeping.

We will spend a day in the kitchen cooking, bottling and preserving our seasonal produce, learning the alchemy of salting, pickling and fermenting.

For this workshop we are excited to have as our guest forager Roushanna Gray from Veld and Sea taking us on an adventure forage around Walker Bay Coastline - be sure to bring your mollusc permit with you - available at your nearest Post Office.

Bring your:
- Gumboots
- Rain jacket
- Gardening Cloves

- One day R1000
- Four days R3750
- Coastal Forage R750

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