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Pikkewyntjies/Penguinkidz Pre School

Pikkewyntjies/Penguinkidz Pre School
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Creativity makes learning fun!

We aim to provide quality care and education in a safe environment as well as to
promote the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children
between the ages of 2 and 6 years in a community which is characterized by
unemployment, poverty as well as high levels of drug and alcohol abuse.

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Currently we have 2 full time qualified (ECD Level 5 and 4) teachers employed and a  2 Child Care Worker to assist them in class.  They are assisted with a Cook/Cleaner.

Principal/Teacher:  Zaan Cilliers 4-6 year old kids

Sandy Jose:  Assistant in Zaan class

Teacher:  Christen Malgas - 2-4 year old kids

Sally Tobin:  Assistant in Chriisten class

Cook:  Louise Plaatjies

Pikkewyntjies is a non-profit organisation and only receive a grant of R7500 from the Department of Social Development, and with that we have to buy food for the childen, pay salaries, municipal accounts, lease of building, maintenance and all the other running costs.  Our school fees are currently R200 per month as most of our parents are unemployed, single mothers or earns an income as part time domestic workers. A lot of parents cant even affort the school fees. Furthermore we rely solely on donations of well doers to ensure the on-going existence of our school.

Summarized Budget:


                                            2014/15                                            2015/16                                                     2015/2017

Staff                                   R231 480.00                                      R258 437.15                                             R289 219.00

Food                                  R37 665.00                                        R38 000.00                                               R39 000.00

Petrol & Oil                        R43 561.00                                        R55 000.00                                               R61 200.00

Admin                                R36 635.00                                        R40 300.00                                               R116 132.00

TOTAL                               R349 341.00                                     R391 737.15                                              R505 551.00

A detailed audited financial statement is available on request.

Pikkewyntjies provides a safe environment for the children of the communities involved on a daily basis.  We are open from 07:00 until 16:30 from Monday to Friday and the school only closes for three weeks during the December holidays.

Due to the impact of the recession in South Africa, our teachers noticed that our children concentration span was deteriorating due to malnutrition.  We implemented a food scheme for all our children and provide them with two nutritious meals per day.  We have also started a vegetable garden in August 2014 so that we can provide fresh vegetables daily to the children and also teach them to be self-sustainable.

We provide transport for our children to and from school from lower Bettys Bay, Pringle Bay and also Rooi Els due to a lack of transportation in this area. 

We also involve the parents and adults of the communities by hosting training sessions for them.  The themes of this session ranged from parenting skills to preparing nutritional meals.

Pikkewyntjies Pre Primary is situated in Mooi Uitsig, a low socio community of Betty’s Bay.  Betty’s Bay, is a little town with no industries and therefor relies heavily on subsistence fishing. Mooi Uitsig is a relatively isolated community which is characterized by high level of unemployment, poverty as well as high levels of alcohol and drug abuse, domestic violence and child abuse.

School Background

Pikkewyntjies Pre Primary was founded in September 2007 and is an independent community based school that serves the impoverished communities of Rooi Els, Pringle Bay as well as Betty’s Bay.

Pikkewyntjies is a Non-Profit organisation, a project of Child Welfare South Africa under the auspices of their Kleinmond Office.  Although CWSA:  Kleinmond is our mother body, we do not receive any financial support from them.  Pikkewyntjies Pre Primary has their own Management Committee and Bank account and there for are solely responsible for their accounts and funding.

The inspiration behind the founding of the school was to create a safe environment for the children of the communities and to teach them Early Childhood Development skills.

With the help of the Overstrand Municipality, who gave us free usage of the Community Hall, we started the school with six children.  In 2009 the Overstrand Municipality built a new building for our school and we moved into the new building in May 2009.

Almost ten years later we have 38 children, between the ages of 2 and 6 years, enrolled in our school.  We are registered as an Early Childhood Development Centre at the Department Social Development (Registration number C9019) and follow a registered ECD programme for the 2-3 year old children and WCED Curriculum  for the 4-6 year children.


 To provide a child friendly environment that is safe, secure, caring and stimulating.

To enhance the development and education of the children through play.

To encourage the children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem and to feel valued as an individual.

To promote social, intellectual and physical development through play and structured activities, preparing them for a smooth transition from pre-school to school.

To regularly observe and plan each child’s progress.

To honour parent’s trust that we will nature their child and give them quality care.


Value each child as an individual

Provide opportunities for children to gain confidence and a healthy self-concept

Understand and meet the developmental needs of each child socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually

Foster an excitement about school and learning

Encourage children to become active participants in their learning through experience and exploration of hands-on materials

Teach problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution

Encourage creativity as inspired by varied child-centered approaches

Provide a positive, prepared environment in which each child can develop to his or her fullest potential

Encourage parental involvement through a variety of activities and communications

Encourage in children and acceptance of others through the establishment of a classroom community

Increase an awareness of the outside community and to provide opportunities for involvement

Utilize the community services and resources available to further enrich our program

Continually develop teacher expertise by observation, research, and professional development opportunities.

Pikkewyntjies have an active committee consisting out of parents and members of the community.  The committee is doing constant fundraising to ensure that the parents can pay the minimum school fees.

Regular committee meetings are being held once a month as well as financial checks by the bookkeeper to ensure the smooth running of the project.  The Management Committee is countable to Child Welfare SA:  Kleinmond and the constitution of the CWSA: Kleinmond are followed.  Pikkewyntjies attended the yearly AGM (Aug. 2015) of CWSA:  Kleinmond, and give feedback with the annual report.

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