Pikkewyntjies/Penguinkidz Pre School

Blog: Our Wonderful Good Luck

Published: 28 June 2017

I wondered who she was and why she had phoned but then she told me her name was Benita Schwartz and she had found our school on facebook and wanted to give us all the brand new equipment she had bought for her school.  Not only did this include tables and chairs and a trampoline but brand new educational games.  Our children have never been the first ones to open a box to reveal the pristine pieces of an exciting puzzle or to be handed a clean box with its lid unscratched and none of its corners bent.  Juffrou Zaan gave the children an extended playtime to explore the booty the day after it arrived and I attach a photo of the heads bent over the treasure.     

We sent the photo to Benita too with our heartfelt thanks for her kindness.  People are so good and on behalf of our Pikkewyntjies who don't know whom they have to thank, Zaan and the staff and the volunteers thank her from the bottom of their hearts.   

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