Pikkewyntjies/Penguinkidz Pre School

Blog: The School's Vegetable Garden

Published: 07 July 2017
By:Rosemary Fowkes

Pikkewyntjies has a superlative veggie garden laid out for us by a professional as a gift to the school.  It is in a cage of chicken wire to keep greedy baboons out and the top is covered in shade cloth to protect the veggies from the extremes of weather we get in Betty's Bay.  

Last year's dry winter, following by a hot summer and municipal water being unaffordable for us meant we couldn't keep the garden alive and we had to abandon it to the weeds.  Nothing kills them!

Somehow the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens heard of our troubles and donated a water tank which had us dancing with joy because it meant we could restore the garden to its former productivity.  Not only would this save the school a great deal of money but also teach the children valuable lessons and give them all the pleasure of harvesting their own vegetables.  

The problem was none of us knew how to tackle the job but we belong to a wonderful organisation called forgood which advertises the needs of NPO's to people like you and me who want to help with those needs and a lady who knows Betty's Bay well offered to manage the project.  

We are doing the planning now and the work will follow.  I'll post a "before" pic now and an "after" pic when the work is done so you can see the garden in all its former glory.  

Thank you Caroline!

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