A Spring Gift

A Spring Gift

Pikkewyntjies / Penguinkidz Pre-School

A group called Adventures for Love is coming to Pikkewyntjies on 14th September to help with a project and give the kids a party. 

Before I tell you about this I would like to explain that our page has been very quiet because I've been nursing my sister-in-law and the family has been engaged in moving her to a Home, clearing her flat and getting it in a condition to rent. Pikkewyntjies has been as busy as ever in the silence. 

The members of Adventures for Love are all ladies and they love hiking and climbing mountains. While tackling these challenges they also look around the area for a school or an orphanage serving little children who have drawn the short straw in life. They reach out with the unique South African brand of kindness to other remarkable South Africans giving them their chance in life and they offer them their support. 

So it is that the group which is coming to Pringle Bay is spending a Friday at Pikkewyntjies to help finish "The Snake-proofing Project". Snakes follow tasty field mice into the playground from the surrounding fynbos and then curl up under the jungle gym or the wendy house to digest their meal. Most of them are harmless but some could hurt our children. We don't want to kill them, they play an invaluable role in the wild, we just want to keep them out of our playground.  

With the help of Tsogo Sun, we laced shade cloth on the fence, now it needs to be anchored with large rocks - a heavy task. Adventures for Love will pay for muscles to cart rocks to the fence and all of us will put them in place without tearing the net.  

When the netting is impenetrable even to snakes, the ladies will give our children a party with hot dogs and ice cream and games. I can hear the shrieks of joy as I type.  

We are so fortunate to have their offer of help and I'll post lots of pics on the day.

A Spring Gift

Rosemary Fowkes

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