Pikkewyntjies / Penguinkidz Pre-School

I wish I could tell you their names but they prefer to remain anonymous. Most people, I think, quite like it known that they have helped the school but there have been other generous supporters of Pikkewyntjies who have asked to remain in the shadows. Perhaps knowing that their gift is going to make a powerful difference to the school is thanks enough?  

The Xplorio Team has lost no time in interviewing our Principal "Juffrou Zaan" Cilliers and arranging for their photographer to come to the school for a photo shoot and has taken as much care as if we were a hugely important client. It's so nice of them to do this but they are nice, very nice. Everyone on the team is approachable and polite. Best of all they actually do help you if you phone with a problem and do not speak to you as if you are interrupting their day or let you know they consider you a cretin because you don't understand and ask to have something repeated. 

Thanks to our sponsors and thanks to Xplorio. Please keep an eye out for Pikkewyntjies on Xplorio.


Rosemary Fowkes

Pikkewyntjies / Penguinkidz Pre-School is a non-profit, early childhood education centre in Betty’s Bay, teaching young underprivileged children their ABCs, 123s and more. The pre-school is registered with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) and each of its two classes follows its own dis...

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Winter is a good time to be at school

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