African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary

Saving the African Penguin

APSS has been set up to assist the endangered African penguin colonies of Dyer Island, an Important Bird Area, where the species has declined dramatically over 30 years, almost 90%. The other nearby colony is Stony Point at Betty’s Bay. This facility will have a fully equipped lab and a vet on standby so we can immediately treat any birds thereby increasing their survival rate. Currently they are transported for more than three hours to the Cape Town facility.

A project of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust

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The African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary (APSS) serves as a custom-designed, world class, marine bird rehabilitation centre in the Overstrand area.  We provide temporary rehabilitative care to diseased, displaced, injured, oiled and abandoned marine birds with special focus on the endangered African Penguin. Marine bird rescue, rehabilitation and release form part of the conservation management plan to conserve and maintain African Penguin populations, and other seabirds.  Through continued research, education and awareness programmes, we aim to mitigate human impacts on our colonies.


For the APSS to run as a self-sustaining conservation initiative that supports, in general, the objectives of biodiversity conservation management and specifically, the vision of the South African Department of Environment’s 2013 Biodiversity Management Plan for the African Penguin.

•             Through adaptive management, we aim to ensure the implementation of innovative and dynamic protocols based on feedbacks to maintain best practice in achieving optimal rehabilitation success
•             To contribute towards and participate in a workable Oil Spill Contingency plan to service the  Overstrand  Coastline
•             To continue networking with all relevant authorities and other bodies in the field of marine bird rehabilitation and conservation
•             To provide a platform for furthering research into effective rehabilitation and release of marine birds to ensure the birds’ successful return to their colonies.



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