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Apura is an agricultural company that grows pure organic fruit and vegetables by using the aquaponic farming method in its greenhouses.
Located on the slopes of the Franskraal mountains just outside the Overberg town of Gansbaai, Apura farmlands are off-the-grid and totally self-sustainable.
Apura’s healthy rotation crops include leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, chillies, cucumbers, chard, broccoli, patty-pans and even spring onion. Plans to crop rotate also means that customers will be able to order a further variety of fresh produce in the future. Apura tunnels and tanks are chemical-free and only the purest mountain water drawn via borehole is used on the farm.

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Apura - Pure Organic is situated on Konigsberg, the Trautman Farm, just outside Gansbaai. 

The Trautman family has a rich history in fishing and agriculture that dates back over a century. These strong ties, to ocean and earth, culminated in the birth of Apura.

“We journey to a new and quiet haven,
Where restless, weary barques sojourn awhile,
Till yielding clouds give way to milder sunshine
As peaceful as the soul on which they smile.”




Apura uses the aquaponics system farming method to cultivate fruit and vegetables. 

A combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) is used together in one integrated system. Microorganisms and protozoa turn fish waste into nitrates that then act as food for the plants.

The primary benefits of aquaponics are: 

  • Less water used
  • Lower power usage
  • No synthetic fertilizers used
  • No pesticides used
  • Low susceptibility to pests and diseases
  • Timely crop turn-around-time
  • Increased crop production per square foot versus traditional farming methods
  • Multiple crops and fish can be grown from the same system
  • Additional food or revenue sourced from fish harvesting

Did you know?

The reason chemicals and pesticides aren’t used in aquaponic farming is that using them would destroy the natural balance of the aquaponic system and would result in the fish dying. Apura is proud to be 100% pure organic! 



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