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Art4Heart is a Gansbaai-based art hub that offers art classes, workshops, art supplies, technique guidance, and online services. From budding beginners to professional artists, Art4Heart’s mission is to make art education accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Art4Heart’s founder, Susan van Zyl expands her reach by conveniently providing an online platform where participants can explore, learn, and grow. With a vision to inspire creativity, a dedicated instructor and guest artists share their expertise in various art forms, which include traditional painting, drawing, watercolour media and art critique. Classes are engaging and adaptable, with live interactive sessions and on-demand video content. Personalised art bundles can be ordered to equip you with everything you need for your exclusive artistic journey. Whether joining online or in-person at a collaborative offline workshop or team-building event, Susan invites you to Art4Heart. Art4Heart is affiliated with Gansveer, a community poetry group.

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Art4Heart’s Susan van Zyl is a multifaceted individual whose life journey has been marked by a passion for education and the arts. 

South African-born, Susan pursued her early career in education, dedicating herself to becoming a pre-primary teacher. Her teaching adventures took her across borders, from South Africa to Saudi Arabia and eventually to Dubai. 

However, during her time in Holland, Susan realised a lifelong dream by delving into the world of art. Immersed in the rich cultural landscape of Europe, she pursued formal art studies, further fueling her creative aspirations. 

In 2009, Susan returned from her overseas adventures and faced the challenge of finding a teaching position. Ruled by determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to take matters into her own hands. 

In 2011, Susan founded Art4Heart, an art school that quickly gained momentum, attracting a vibrant community of 80 students. Fast forward to August 2022, when Susan and her family, embarked on a new chapter in Gansbaai. The picturesque coastal town became the backdrop for Susan's creative endeavours, and in January 2023 she opened her own studio, gallery, and art shop. 

Despite facing obstacles and logistical challenges, Susan's commitment to Art4Heart remained unwavering. In December 2023, she transitioned into the digital realm, taking the entire business online. This strategic move allowed her to adapt to changing circumstances while continuing to inspire and nurture artistic talent. 

Susan van Zyl's story is one of resilience, passion, and a relentless pursuit of creativity. Her journey, from teaching in diverse locations to founding and transforming Art4Heart, showcases an unwavering dedication to education and the arts. As she embraces the online frontier, Susan remains a guiding force for aspiring artists, sharing her expertise and love for art with a global audience.

Online Gallery

Online Gallery

“Let’s fill this place with artists!”

Contact Susan if you would like your artwork to be included in the Art4Heart online art gallery.

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Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Art supplies can be purchased from Art4Heart via its website and business WhatsApp catalogue.

All art supplies are available in bundle form to facilitate an easier transition to creating artwork, rather than searching for individual materials and wasting time. Bundles are professionally assembled and are offered for beginner, intermediate, and professional artists.

These art bundles will be an asset to any artist, as only professional and personally tested art supplies are considered.

Online Art Shop Here
Art Classes & Workshops

Art Classes & Workshops

Art4Heart offers various art classes and workshops which are available online and offline.

Art Classes 

  • One-on-one Interactions

Art Workshops

  • Group Sessions
Social Media Workshops

Social Media Workshops

Art4Heart teaches artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses how to build a thriving online presence using social media platforms.

Social Media Workshops
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Team Building Events

Team Building Events

Art4Heart is available for corporate workshops and team-building events in cooperation with local venues. 

The subject matter and art package can be customised to suit your needs.

Contact Susan for more information.

Art Critique Services

Art Critique Services

Elevate your art with Art4Heart's fine art critique services.

Do you find yourself staring at your painting, feeling stuck and unsure about what's not quite right? When your artwork needs some fine-tuning, Art4Heart’s expert art critique services will provide you with feedback to take your art to the next level.


Two-hour session - R800

What to Expect

An experienced art critic will work closely with you to analyse your work, providing valuable insights and recommendations to help you overcome creative roadblocks.

During the session, your art will be evaluated and the specific issues will be discussed. Be it composition, colour theory, technique, or any other aspect, the team is here to help. To ensure a thorough critique, high-quality photos of your artwork and your reference photos must be submitted.

Following the session, you will receive a comprehensive visual and written report on your painting or drawing. This report will include detailed feedback, constructive criticism, and actionable suggestions to move forward with your art piece. The goal is to empower you with the tools and insights to enhance your artistic vision and skills.

Additional sessions can be arranged at an extra cost. 

By embracing the power of art critique and seeking feedback from trusted sources, you can refine your artistic voice, overcome creative challenges, and grow as an artist.

Poetry Group

Poetry Group

Art4Heart is affiliated with Gansveer Poetry Group.

Date: First Thursday of the Month

Where: Afrikanos restaurant

Gansveer Poetry Group, under the stewardship of writer and artist Susan van Zyl, beckons poetry enthusiasts to gather together. 

Amidst the warmth of shared verse and the delights of good food and wine, attendees can enjoy solace and connection. Gansveer Poetry Group offers a haven where passionate readings, heartfelt discussions, and moments of inspiration flourish, fostering a community bound by their love for poetry and the art of expression. Whether you are a seasoned poet or new to the craft, Gansveer Poetry Group offers a welcoming space to explore the power of words and forge meaningful connections with like-minded souls.

Read more about Gansveer Poetry Group here.

Three Steps to Improving Your Art

Three Steps to Improving Your Art

Art4Heart’s three steps to improving your art include critique sessions, exploring online forums and platforms, and joining professionals for workshops and courses.

Peer Critique Sessions

Consider joining an art group or community where members can provide constructive feedback and support for each other's work. Peer critique sessions can offer fresh perspectives and foster a sense of camaraderie among artists.

Online Forums and Platforms

Explore online forums, social media groups, or art-sharing platforms where you can showcase your work and receive feedback from a diverse audience. Engaging with the online art community can offer valuable insights and inspiration for your artistic practice.

Professional Workshops and Courses

Invest in workshops, courses, or mentoring programs led by experienced artists and instructors. Participating in professional development opportunities can help you refine your skills, expand your artistic knowledge, and receive personalised feedback on your work.



“Art4Heart is outstanding! Susan is the best teacher ever!”  Alta Corbett
“Susan van Zyl is an excellent teacher!”  Trudie Oosthuizen


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