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Gansbaai artist, Rouvé de Flamingh’s oil paintings are abstract works painted in rich, vibrant and textured colours, which she conveys onto canvas using brushes, oil bars and palette knives. These artworks are a process that unfolds as the art is created, with no clear plan upfront, and pieces are only titled upon completion. One constant is the generous use of colour, texture and careful design, which evolves according to her mood. Rouvé loves the open-endedness of abstract art, that allows the meaning and feeling behind an artwork to be in the eye of the beholder. These visual wonders are sold at art exhibitions and on Rouvés website. Private viewings can be arranged by appointment only.

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Rouvé de Flamingh’s early art career began at school where she would spend time sketching portrait’s of her classmates. After studying Occupational Therapy, she decided it was time to live out her passion and proceeded to study for her BA in Fine Art at UNISA. 

Rouvé and her husband relocated from Middleburg to Gansbaai, where they ran a popular restaurant and art gallery for a few years. Nowadays, art is unhurried and time spent interacting with other artists and attending workshops are part of the creative process which she feels encourages her to grow as a person, and as an artist.



Rouvé de Flamingh’s works vary in size and you can expect to pay in the region of R1,200 to  R5,500 to own one of her masterpieces.

To make an appointment to view her art or for more information contact Art Rouvé directly.

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