Gansbaai Shell (Birkenhead Motors)

Go Well. Go Shell.

Gansbaai Shell (Birkenhead Motors) is conveniently located in the main road of Gansbaai and works closely with its sister company, Gansbaai Caltex (Central Motors). The filling station is powered by Shell V-power unleaded petrol and diesel which is the most engine-friendly and fuel-efficient fuel currently available on the market. Besides topping you up on fuel and oil, the friendly team at Gansbaai Shell will check your tyre pressure and give your windscreen a clean and glossy shine. What is more, you earn money back when you purchase fuel and swipe either your Discovery Insurance or Clicks Club Card. A value added service that Gansbaai Shell offers visitors to the filling station, is a team that can connect you to auto mechanics, auto electricians and tyre experts in the area. Gansbaai Caltex and Gansbaai Shell take turns to stay open until 21:30 during the week and on Saturdays, and 22:00 on Fridays.

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Being in a small town affords Gansbaai Shell the ability to form personal relationships with its patrons, adding an extra element to their customer service. The staff is regarded as family, with a few family members going strong for decades. For visitors to Gansbaai, the petrol attendees are always looking to help their customers with anything they might need.
With service comes safety at Shell Motors, and staff are trained in first-aid, fire-safety and firefighting on a bi-annual basis. All of this culminates not to just a stop where you refuel your vehicle, but to an experience worthy of return.
Customer satisfaction is key at Gansbaai Shell, with management always eager to receive feedback from patrons on how they can improve the overall shell experience.
Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks


Buying a car is a big investment, so it’s only natural to protect your investment. In this case, this means keeping the most important part of the car, the engine, in top working order. A car’s engine needs constant attention and care to keep it performing efficiently. Here are seven tips on how best to protect your engine:

Seven tips to keep your engine performing

1.  Change your oil. This keeps the vital parts of your car lubricated and prevents overheating and permanent damage. Shell Helix motor oil is the first 100% fully synthetic motor oil and is perfect for all engines performing under extreme conditions.

2.  Keep the cooling system working. The cooling system consists of many parts but the easiest way to keep it working is to regularly check the levels of your coolant and replenishing it.

3.  Keep an eye on your air filter. Your air filter keeps out all unwanted debris from entering the engine and should not be allowed to get clogged up. Keep your air filter clean, or if necessary, replace it.

4.  Fill up your tank before it gets too low. There is an amount of naturally occurring sediment in all fuels, so fill up your tank before your car starts to draw that sediment into your engine.

5.  Follow-up on warning lights. As soon as a warning light comes on, get the corresponding issue checked by your nearest mechanic.

6.  Replace your fuel filter. Your fuel filter protects your engine from the naturally occurring sediment that is in your fuel. Replace your fuel filter after a while to keep your engine free of sediment.

7.  Avoid repeated stopping and starting. Your car runs best when it's driving at a constant speed.

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