Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat

A Quintessential Eco-Spiritual Sanctuary

Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat is set on 217-hectares of natural fynbos at the foot of the Witkransberg just outside Stanford, in the Overberg. Retreats cover enlightening topics that range from art to zen and include accommodation at Bodhi Khaya, delicious meals prepared by a chef who holds a Green Michelin Star, optional daily meditations and yoga, gentle walks and talks, and plenty of unstructured time to explore the stunning surroundings of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy. Day trips can be arranged with prior notice. Two self-catering units set in a refurbished English cottage are available for like-minded guests not attending retreats but who want to soak up Bodhi Khaya's beautiful energy. Bodhi Khaya is a getaway sanctuary for adults to retreat, reconnect and regenerate and children over the age of 12 are welcome when accompanied by their parents.

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Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat’s owners, Georgina and Glenn Hamilton, have carefully created a sanctuary for those wishing to explore the thoroughfares of the heart and mind. 

As one of South Africa’s original retreats, Bodhi Khaya encapsulates the very essence of a holistic experience combined with authentic hospitality and has evolved to become one of the foremost natural healing spiritual havens for those on their journey to enlightenment.

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Explore beautiful fynbos and forest trails, walk the labyrinth and swim in pure fresh mountain ponds at Bodhi Khaya. Join morning meditation or simply unwind and listen to the sounds of nature as you reconnect with yourself.

  1. Reception Area 
  2. Meditation Hall
  3. Porch 
  4. Labyrinth
  5. Vegetable Gardens
  6. Tented Boma (seats up to 60 guests)
  7. Dining Hall (inside and outside area overlooking a forest) inside seats up to 20 guests and outside seats up 26 guests
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    There are five catered accommodation areas within the main retreat:

    1. The Cloisters
    2. The Courtyard
    3. The Deluxe Courtyard Rooms
    4. The Farmhouse
    5. The Camp Site

    A semi-detached cottage with two self-catering units is set apart from the main retreat. The cottage units are available to guests attending retreats and those just wishing to enjoy Bodhi Khaya’s peace and tranquillity. Sunbird and Heron each sleep four guests and can be rented apart or as a whole for eight guests. 

Facilitated Retreats & Workshops

Facilitated Retreats & Workshops


Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat has elevated the retreat experience to encapsulate health, wellness, ecology together with an unforgettable holiday experience. 

In the modern age, humans have evolved and separated from nature and in doing so have lost touch with their natural state. Bodhi Khaya taps into the self’s ancient, primal instincts and brings balance back into the being by connecting you to Mother Nature. Each experience at the retreat is a private journey that directly benefits your overall being and positively affects every facet of your life and state of being. 

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Whether you choose to arrange a day visit for a taste of bliss or elect to participate in a facilitated retreat or workshop where you will receive enriching teachings from reputable teachers and enjoy communal meals with new friends, Bodhi Khaya has something that will interest your soul.

Daily Meditation

Facilitated meditation sessions are held daily for those just starting out and for those who have been meditating a long time. Trained by meditation masters, the retreats resident teachers have decades of meditation experience to guide you. The beautiful Meditation Hall has been a temple for many teachers and traditions, and It is the perfect space to practice and heal.


For more information about scheduled retreats, topics and packages contact Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat directly.

Personal Retreats

Personal Retreats

When: Thursday to Sunday
Time: Minimum stay of two days


Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat offers personal retreats that are custom-created to suit your unique needs. The personal retreats run simultaneously with facilitated retreats as they are held in different locations. Personal Retreats are unstructured and you can build a retreat with your choice of activities.

You are welcomed into serenity with delicious meals prepared by chef Nicola, optional daily meditations and yoga, gentle walks and talks, plenty of unstructured time to explore the stunning surroundings and unlimited amounts of clean air and mountain spring water. 

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Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreats provide the perfect setting for:

  • Intimate Gatherings
  • Couples Retreats
  • Solo Getaways 
Retreat Accommodation

Retreat Accommodation 

Welcome to Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat:

The Cloisters (single room occupancy sleeps 28-guests)


  • R950 per room per night 

The Cloisters consists of 14 monastery-style single rooms. 

There is a communal area with a kitchenette, dining room table, lounge and library area.

Each room contains a bed, a side table and a small cupboard space for clothing. These rooms lead into an open plan living space that looks out across the gardens and labyrinth. 

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Inner Cloisters Rooms

Room Numbers 1 to 6 share two communal bathrooms each with a shower and basin. There are two separate toilets with basins.


Outer Cloisters (Courtyard in the back) 

Rooms 7 - 14 have a basin and mirror and share a large communal bathroom with two private showers, two communal basins and three private toilets.

The Courtyard (sleeps 10-guests)


  • Single - R1,450 per night Double - R2,100 per night

The five Courtyard rooms are conveniently situated close to the meditation hall and main dining room. They are named after flowers (Morning Glory, Olive, Fern, Poppy and Orchid).

The Deluxe Courtyard Rooms (sleeps 8-guests)
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  • R2,500 per room per night

This beautifully restored building used to be the old dairy and has high ceilings with rustic wooden rafters and a working fireplace. The four Deluxe Courtyard Rooms each has a personality of its own. 

One of them, the Garden Room, has a King-size bed, and a Victorian bath in the open-plan bathroom.

The Farmhouse (sleeps up to 12 guests)


  • Restio - R950 for the room per night
  • Disa and Daisy - R1,450 single per night / R2,100 double per night
  • Pincushion - R2,500 for the room per night
  • Aloe - R3,950 for the room per night
  • Farmhouse - Price on Request

The six-bedroom Farmhouse has three lovely common areas that include a kitchenette, a cosy lounge with a fireplace and a tranquil library with comfortable seating. 

  • Restio has a single bed.
  • Disa has two single beds.
  • Daisy has a King-size bed.

Restio, Disa and Daisy share two communal bathrooms with two showers, two basins and two toilets.  

Aloe has a separate entrance and there are four single beds in the room. There is an ensuite bathroom with a shower, a basin and a toilet. 

Pincushion has two single beds that can be joined to form a King-size bed. The ensuite bathroom has a shower, basin and toilet

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Daisy Room

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Pincushion Room

The Camp Site

Rates - R600 per person per night

Bring your camping gear and set yourself up under the mountains at Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat. Being on earth and under the stars at a location you have connected with is an experience like no other.


  • Three Meals
  • Ablution Facilities
  • Fire Pits
Self-Catering Accommodation

Self-Catering Accommodation

Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat offers self-catering accommodation in a refurbished semi-detached traditional English farm cottage. The accommodation is available for visitors attending the retreat and like-minded guests looking to discover their sense of self in a tranquil setting.

Sunbird (sleeps four)

Rates - R1,200 per night for Sunbird

Sunbird is a two-bedroom cottage that has lovely views from the porch that is perfect for relaxed evenings spent stargazing. There is an outdoor braai area.

This traditional English country cottage has sunlit interiors styled with a modern twist. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, a cosy lounge with an indoor fireplace. 

The first bedroom has two single beds that can be joined to form a King-size bed and the ensuite bathroom has a bath, basin and toilet.

The second bedroom has two single beds that can be joined to form a King-size bed.

There is a spacious guest bathroom with a bath, basin and toilet.

Heron (sleeps four)

Rates - R1,600 per night for Heron

Heron is a two-bedroom cottage that has lovely views from the southern enclosed porch that is perfect for early morning coffee, relaxing with a book, your daily practise and evening meals. 

There is a fully-equipped kitchen with a private breakfast porch and herb garden. The inviting lounge area has comfortable furniture and an indoor fireplace, perfect for cosy evenings.

Both bedrooms have two single beds and ensuite bathrooms with showers, basins and toilets. 



Satisfy your body, mind and soul at Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat. A selection of activities allows you to:

  • Practise Daily Meditation 
  • Indulge in a Massage
  • Centre Yourself with Yoga
  • Walk the Labyrinth
  • Swim in Spring-Fed Mountain Ponds
  • Explore Milkwood and Fynbos Trails
  • Plant a Tree
  • Create an Art Piece
  • Immerse Yourself in the Library
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Day Visits

Day Visits


Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat welcomes day visitors with prior arrangement. 

Partake in the various classes or relax and enjoy the facilities at your leisure. Also, you are invited to partake in the vitally important contribution to the local natural environment by planting a tree or helping in the vegetable garden. 



Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat provides an array of amenities that include but are not limited to:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Vegetarian Meals (breakfast, lunch and supper)
  • Refreshments
  • Daily Meditations
  • Communal Areas
  • Libraries
  • Swimming Ponds
  • Lake
  • Hiking Trails
  • Secure Parking
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The Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat kitchen carries a Michelin Green Star rating. 

A Sustainable Gastronomy selection was awarded to the retreat's acclaimed chef, Nicola Cunningham, designating the restaurant as one that is committed to protecting the environment.

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Nicola aims to nourish guests with wholesome immune-boosting meals by using minimal dairy and sugar in the vegetarian gluten-free kitchen. The focus is on vegetable and herb combinations harvested from the retreats organic garden prepared following Ayurveda (science of life) principles. 

The menu is adapted according to source and seasonality and Nicola is happy to accommodate a variety of dietary needs.

Conservation & Reforestation

Conservation & Reforestation

Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat reflects and echoes Mother Nature’s heartbeat and in doing so enables guests to find balance within themselves and their environment. 

In a joint venture with key environmental experts, Bodhi Khaya invests all surplus funds into the conservation of land, water and sustainable systems to reforest and rehabilitate the original indigenous coastal forest that once existed on the land of Bodhi Khaya. 

Your Green Finger Print Matters

To actively contribute to restoring the natural planet for future generations of all beings, each guest is gifted with a tree to plant and is encouraged to join in projects that include the clearing of alien vegetation.  

Call the Bodhi Khaya team and find out how you can be the change that makes a difference in the environment.

Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy

Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy

Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat is a member of the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy.

The conservancy works to conserve over 20,000 hectares of threatened lowland fynbos and forest areas that form part of The Cape Floral Kingdom. 

Members have articulated a mission statement that promotes the conservation of the natural and cultural diversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, in the Walker Bay area, through cooperative partnerships.

Contact the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy, read here.



“A truly unique experience with great vegetarian food and an emphasis on environmental awareness. Lovely for mindfulness retreats. Very different from typical experiences at general guest houses so it’s to be embraced with openness and is worth it! Caring and friendly residents and the destination has Interesting trails for hiking.”  Kyli Benadi
“Still a gem! Quiet contemplation, swims in the lily ponds, books on the terrace, and yoga in the garden. Bliss…”   Tue Juelsbo
“Almost no cellphone signal, no meat, no television and no alcohol. I’m a city kid, so all of this should be a problem but I loved it. The next trips will be longer and more often! ”  Sihle Shongwe
“This is sacred land. The ancient milkwoods are full of magic. The rooms are beautiful, the meditation spaces powerful, the food delicious, the service so kind. I facilitated a retreat here and having hosted retreats in many different spaces, this was the one I felt most supported by every step of the way. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you to all who are giving so much to help us find our way back to our healing hearts. So grateful.”  Charisse Louw
“What a wonderful aesthetic experience to rest in the calm and beauty of this place. I felt spoilt in every way.”  Stella Viljoen



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