The “Change Your Life” Coach

Caron Lee, based in Gansbaai, is a compassionate life coach who is ready with support and guidance when you are facing life's challenges. If you're feeling lost and uncertain about your purpose, Caron Lee will help you identify the underlying causes of your disharmony and anxiety. With Caron Lee as your mentor, there is hope for growth as you embark on a journey to uncover and overcome unhealthy patterns that may hold you back. Specialising in life, business and executive coaching for individuals, couples and teams, Caron’s sessions take place in person at her practice, at your location, or during pre-arranged workshops and retreats. For added convenience, Caron Lee also offers online appointments using the platform of your choice.

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“I am a deep thinker, relentless researcher, spiritual warrior and torch bearer for humanity. I am deeply interested in and committed to human potential and all that it brings. I know in the depths of my being that we all come here to make a difference and that for the most part, we have lost our way and find ourselves wandering in the desert. 

I feel that some direction boards are needed to remember who we are and why we are here, which I know will lead us to the joyous life we all seek.

I hold that every human being has a choice which comes with consequences. When we see this clearly, we can make the choices which create love, compassion and kindness for our world.

I have walked many paths, taken many wrong turns and suffered the consequences. I have been through the fires of learning and know I still walk this path of learning and rediscovery. 

I offer who I am and my learning, compassion and love and an objective direction board to assist on the road to self-discovery.”  Caron Lee

Caron Lee relocated to Gansbaai in 2011 with her husband, Dave. The couple owns and runs Saxon Lodge, a guesthouse popular with local and international travellers.

Caron started her transformation journey in 2000, and this awakening grew her natural inclination to be the shoulder to lean on when people needed somebody to listen, guide and advise.

After years of doing this spontaneously for family, friends, and lodge guests, Caron decided to start doing what came naturally, professionally.

Backed by courses, intensive research, and involvement in many retreats, Caron now shares her guidance with clients. 



“The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there’s little we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice changes our thoughts and deeds.”  R.D. Laing

Caron Lee offers the following services:

  • Reflective & Cognitive Coaching
  • Transformation Coaching
  • Couples Mediator
  • Accountability Partner
  • Business Leadership Coaching (individual and groups)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Reiki
  • Numerology
  • Employee Well-Being
  • Facilitated Support Circles
Coaching Methods

Coaching Methods

  • In Person (at Caron’s practice)
  • Onsite Training (your address)
  • Workshops / Retreats
  • Online (Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook)
Workshops / Retreats

Workshops / Retreats

“Whenever we are seeking happiness, it is-in fact-our innate happiness that is seeking us. The happiness we seek is the happiness we are.”  Rupert Spira

Caron Lee hosts weekend workshops that are ideal retreats for groups of friends and like-minded people on a quest for growth and self-discovery.

Workshops and retreat topics available include:

Vision Questing
  • Summary: How assessing who you are, and getting your visions in line with your inner being, paves the route in the direction you are heading in.
Victim vs Responsibility
  • Summary: How we are either givers or takers. It’s time to identify where you are and start holding yourself accountable. Only then can you grow as a person.
Discomfort Zones
  • Summary: How to look at what you want and where you are. It might not be pleasant, but moving through the discomfort zone will get you where you want to be.
Take Control Of Your Life
  • Summary: How to make leadership decisions over your own life as you discover who you are and not what you know.
Growth Distractions
  • Summary: How to deal with distractions that don’t allow you to grow or get where you should be.
I Am Discourse
  • Summary: How to deal with who you are and how to deal with that person. By finding your separate self, you face the other half of yourself. Your goal is to merge the two with an inner agreement.
  • Summary: How thinking about your survival, employment, and income affects how you manage your happiness.
  • Summary: How using creative abstract art is a means to see yourself. 

Assessment Consultation

Assessment Consultation

Caron Lee gets down to the basics in your free assessment consultation.

This first meeting is to assess the following:

  • If the client and coach connect in a way that they will be suited to work together
  • If the coach has the resource, skills, and capacity to assist your needs
  • If the client is better suited to a different life coach


Each coaching session with Caron Lee runs for one hour.

Although appointments are within time in most instances, cause for an extension can come into play if circumstances allow. 

Please feel assured that Caron won’t interrupt a deep conversation for the sake of meeting time limits. 

What to Expect

Caron tailors each session to suit her client by drawing from different teachings. With this in mind, there is no set agenda.

You will explore any problems you may have, find your potential and personal vision and gain a deeper understanding of self. By prompting you with a sequence of questions, Caron will help you use your answers to find the solutions you need. She will share concepts and ideas to add essence to your searchings and solutions.

Your emotional and mental comfort comes first! With this in mind, you are accepted without judgement as you are. All conversations are welcome, as are all emotions.

And, to keep you inspired, Caron will be your accountability partner to keep you on track with actions and goals.

“I value every moment I spend with another human being and offer thanks to you upfront for sharing your time and life with me. It enriches my life and brings new possibilities and learnings to me.”  Caron Lee

Appointment Cancellations
  • Caron will send a reminder 24 hours before the appointment
  • Cancellations and rescheduling need to occur 24 hours before the scheduled appointment 


Caron Lee’s rates are as follows:

  • Life Path Reflection & Redirect - R650 per session (10 sessions)         
  • Accountability Follow-Up - R500 per session (one a month)
  • Ad-Hoc - R750 per session
  • Workshops / Retreats - Tailored Rates
  • First Assessment Consultation - Free



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