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Core Tactical Services (CTS) strive to create a safer environment for residents of the greater Gansbaai area. This tactical security and surveillance company offer client-centric safety, security and protection services of international standard. Core Tactical Services offer a complete security package to both homes and businesses. By providing security systems, surveillance options and response units, CTS ensure response times will never exceed 12 minutes. From installing security systems in your home and business, to deploying personal bodyguards with trained security dogs from their K9 Unit, you will be well protected from burglary and home invasion. Each of their 50 officers undergoes a strict training regimen to ensure that you and the community remain safe in the event of an unforeseen confrontation. Core Tactical Services are the only licensed security and surveillance company in Gansbaai that are permitted to carry firearms which means they are ready to take action when you need them most.

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CEO Arnold Coleske is the man behind Core Tactical Services (CTS) and is passionate about the safety and security of the South African Nation. With an impressive background in the industry, Arnold’s career began as a top-level manufacturer of bullets, tactical and bullet-proof equipment, who provided a means to import firearms into the country. After noticing a direct need for an armed response service he went on to create Core Tactical Services which focuses on providing private security to everyday individuals and businesses.

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CTS are accredited by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) and all the company’s officers are expertly trained. CTS officers are subjected to six months of intensive training to evaluate where they are best suited, and if they can handle the pressures of the job. Each officer is equipped with the best tactical and surveillance gear for effective and efficient service delivery. Moreover, Core Tactical Services take a proactive user-friendly approach on how to fight crime by posting handy tips on social media platforms such as Facebook.



Core Tactical Services has four divisions each colour coded and specializing in a specific security field, to provide you with a complete security and surveillance experience.

Blue Group
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Consisting of the Tactical Response Unit, Blue Group are expertly trained in tactical shooting, advanced defensive and offensive driving, urban warfare, bush warfare, tactical first aid and surveillance. Blue Group also boast a variety of guarding services with 24h tactical response unit support, as well as providing an added service of emergency procedure training to their clients.

Grey Group

Consisting of the Agri-Protection, Anti-Poaching and Riot Control Units, Grey Group brings officers with military and law enforcement backgrounds to the field. The Agri-Protection Unit has been well received, providing farmers with a complete safety and security package that protects their entire farm. The Anti-Poaching Unit effectively steps in to protect endangered wildlife from the threat of poachers. Last but not least, The Riot Control Unit is meticulously trained to handle riots and keep all parties involved safe.   

Black Group
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Executive Protection is aimed at providing an exclusive tailor made service to anyone in danger of personal harm. Along with Executive Protection, Black Group has an armed escort service to secure all assets in transit with highly trained officers and specialised vehicles. The SWAT Unit of Black Group is a specialised squad to intervene in critically dangerous situations.

Red Group

Red Group is a multifaceted group capable of installing, upgrading and maintaining all your sophisticated Core Tactical Services security and surveillance systems, all of which are being monitored and coordinated around the clock. A division within Red Group is tasked to assess and assist companies in reducing security risks through a comprehensive risk assessment, when requested. In the event of a breach in security, Core Tactical Services can provide you with trained personnel who will launch an investigation into the matter.



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