Professional voice coaching

I offer personalized and professional voice / singing- and stage presence coaching both for individuals and groups. With over 24 years of experience I am able to not only train your voice, but guide you as to what songs are ideal for your vocal range. I have trained many a star and look forward to working with you! Please find more information on the services I offer under “More Info” below.

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Business Information

Voice coaching

I offer singing lessons and voice coaching for all ages and all levels of experience. I have trained several award-winning singers to the likes of Marco Basson (top 8 on The Voice 2017), Wynand Basson (recently received a recording deal with David Gresham Records), Vincent Rathbone (World Champion, Solo Artist, Los Angeles), Lynette Viljoen, Lyle Stallenberg and Cordelia during their earlier years. I listen to your voice and craft a personalized program to get the best out of your voice!

Besides developing your vocal abilities, you will also learn about pronunciation and microphone techniques, as well as stage presence and body language. 

I am able to accompany you on the piano or customize backtracks to your personal key. And once you're ready, I'll train you for auditions or even assist you with a home recording!

Group voice coaching

I train groups to harmonize and bring together individual vocal talent and leverage this for group effect. I specialize in vocal ministry and am able to train anything from small groups to choirs.

Please contact me for more information.

Additional services

Home recordings

Personalized backtracks

Training for auditions

Stage presence coaching

Prices & Terms
  • R350 per month for one hour lesson per week for school-going children
  • R450 per month for one hour lesson per week for adults
  • R160 per custom made backtrack (included in singing lessons)

Please contact me for any other rates

Payment is to be made in advance. Rescheduling of lessons at my own discretion.


"I never thought I could sing, but always loved doing so! I found Annelie through a friend and started singing with her six months ago. The impact has been amazing! While my only aim was to "keep a note while singing in the shower" I have now performed in front of more than 100 people - something I never thought was possible. Annelie has incredible patience and love and really brought out the best in both my voice and my self."  - Sanja Lutzeyer 



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