Dr Christo Barnard
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Dr Barnard, is a healthcare practitioner, specialising as a General Practitioner, in Gansbaai.

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General practitioners, or GP's, provide primary and continuing medical care for patients in the community. They take account of physical, emotional and social factors when diagnosing illness and recommending the required treatment. Patients may be referred to hospital clinics for further assessment and possibly for treatment.

GPs may run specialist clinics within the practice for patients with specific conditions. They increasingly work as part of a team alongside other healthcare professionals, including community health doctors, to discuss care options for patients and their families and help patients to take responsibility for their own health.


We are a family based practice operating for the last 35 years in Gansbaai. We proud ourselves with a hand-on attitude and don't shy away from after hour service. We love our community and try our best to maintain the well-being of everybody.

General Health Care


24 hour on call


Botox and fillers




Accredited SAMSA medical examinations


Accredited IMCA Diving medical examinations


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