Franskraal Neighbourhood Watch

Franskraal Buurtwag is an accredited neighbourhood watch run by volunteers in the community. Funded by its members and donations from the public, Franskraal Buurtwag provides a visible presence to help crime prevention in an area that stretches from Van Dyk Street to Elana Crescent. Franskraal Buurtwag works closely with local security companies and the South African Police, providing regular feedback on incidents it observes on patrol. For maximum efficiency, an interactive WhatsApp group run by residents in the Buurtwag area broadcasts neighbourhood goings-on in real-time as they happen. Franskraal Buurtwag invites you to join them so that you can work with your neighbours to make the streets a safer place for everyone.

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Franskraal Buurtwag was established in 2015 and is an accredited neighbourhood watch that relies on memberships and donations to remain self-sustaining.

  • DCS 15/18/004 - POCS
Buurtwag Ethos

Buurtwag Ethos

Franskraal Buurtwag invites you to be part of the solution, not the statistics.

  1. Trust - To create a community who trust and support each other
  2. Care - To care about your community
  3. Assertiveness - To be alert within the community
  4. Positivity - To work together positively to make a difference in the community
  5. Interaction - To be actively involved in community safety drives 
  6. Good Citizenship - To promote honest and sincere people in the community
  7. Safety - To prevent crime by being proactive
  8. Responsibility - To take responsibility for your safety
  9. Ownership - To take ownership of your community’s safety
Buurtwag Area

Buurtwag Area

Franskraal Buurtwag manages the area from Van Dyk Street to Elana Crescent (excluding Jimmy’s Pub).

Become a Member

Become a Member

Join Franskraal Buurtwag and help make your community a safer place to live in!

  • Cost: R70 per month per household
All-inclusive Membership

An identification board to place in a visible spot outside your house.

Join Here - Membership Form (Afrikaans) (English)


Franskraal Buurtwag allows members to volunteer for duties that include the following safety measures:

  • Patrols in a marked vehicle that has a radio and antenna
  • Reflector jackets 
  • Identification cards
  • Police clearance while on duty
  • CMC Medical support


Your donation to Franskraal Buurtwag will go directly to crime prevention in the community. 

  • Money for monthly fuel expenses
  • Precision spotlights

Banking Details:

Franskraal Buurtwag
Savings Account

Emergency Protocols

Emergency Protocols

Franskraal Buurtwag is on standby for the community it serves!

What to Do in Case of an Emergency
  1. Call the Buurtwag, Emergency Hotline or the Police!
  2. Give as much information as possible about the incident!
  3. Make sure you are secure in a safe place!
  4. Stay inside - don’t go outside until help arrives!
  5. Switch on all your lights (outside and inside)!
  6. If there is any medical emergency, contact your local ambulance service!
Emergency Numbers
  • Buurtwag - 081 419 0180
  • Emergency Hotline - 10111
  • South African Police - 028 384 0201



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