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Wendy houses have always been popular in South Africa and Fynbos Wendy’s have over eight years of experience in the planning, manufacturing and construction of wendy houses and extensions. The company is a family-run business which manufactures the product at the family’s Boskloof Sawmill premises in Bredasdorp. Projects can be custom-made, with an expert draughtsman doing custom designs to meet each customer’s specifications. The team of highly skilled workmen will then complete construction. The team hails from the small town of Elim, which is known worldwide as being one of the largest thatch roofing communities in South Africa. These guys are are born with carpentry in their blood, which explains Fynbos Wendy’s high quality product and popularity in the Cape Overberg region.

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A wendy house is a quick solution to obtain a sturdy home, storage space or an extension to an existing structure, in a short space of time and at a price tailor-made to suit your budget.  An expert draughtsman is on hand to help you design your wendy house or extension to your specifications. The plans then get sent to the sawmill where the first stage of construction takes place. All panels are pre-fabricated for installation and then erected on site.  Wendy houses can either be purchased as panels ready for DIY erection or can be installed by the highly experienced team. There are no last-minute surprise delivery costs and Fynbos Wendy’s will also deliver to areas outside of the usual region at the lowest travelling cost possible. A further service offered is the moving of existing wendy houses, from one location to another.



In addition to serving as a home or storage space, a wendy house is a fast, efficient and affordable solution to a myriad of other needs:

  • Home extensions
  • Storage and tool sheds
  • Garden cottages and cabins
  • Staff quarters
  • Guard huts
  • Lookout huts
  • Garden offices and studios
  • Children’s playrooms
  • Doll houses (mini wendy houses for children)
  • Classrooms
  • Breakdown and rebuild projects
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Ever Wonder…

Ever Wonder…

...where the wendy house got its name? Well it was JM Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, who wrote of a small house that Peter Pan and the Lost Boys built around Wendy to keep her safe and warm when she was injured. So, of course, the first Wendy House was, in fact, Wendy’s house!

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Price List

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