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If you are a book lover then Gansbaai Book Exchange is your dream come true. This is a unique and cosy book-shop where everyone is made to feel welcome. Owner, Nicolette Bosch is refreshingly down to earth and well loved by the local community. It is here that both locals and visitors pop in for a chat or just to browse. Whether you're a serious shopper or just want to while away a few hours as you explore the well-stocked shelves, Nicolette will make you feel at home. Gear down and relax with an impromptu cup of tea or coffee as you hunt for your literary treasure amongst the 20,000 books in store. A monumental selection of new and pre-loved books are on sale and the list of titles and topics are endless. Nicolette will also buy your used books for cash or an offer of credit to spend in the store.

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Nicolette has always loved books and worked at a local news agency until her employers sold the business, leaving her wondering just what she could do to make ends meet. After a short stint in the daycare industry, Nicolette decided to open her own bookshop. Times were tough but her friends and the locals in the town rallied around her, collecting and donating books.

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Kindness, hard work and a whole lot of faith resulted in Gansbaai Book Exchange opening it’s doors in December of 2005 with a proud stock of 3,100 books. The first shop was in the heart of Gansbaai next to the old town square and after a few more years of hard work, a lot more kindness and a whole lot more of her unwavering faith, Gansbaai Book Exchange is now a thriving book-lovers delight. Her large, yet cosy shop now boasts an impressive collection of around 20 000 books, in the bustling Great White Junction Mall.



Pre-loved Books

All secondhand books are first thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before being priced and added to the ever-growing collection of books for sale. A wide range of fiction and nonfiction books are available and the list is seemingly endless.

  • Autobiographies
  • Christian literature
  • Travel books
  • Cookery books
  • Health and fitness books
  • Crafting books
  • Children's books
  • Gardening books
  • Poetry anthologies
  • Africana
  • School books
  • Textbooks
New Books

A selection of new books and magazines are sold in the store.

Speciality Books

Gansbaai Book Exchange has a collection of first editions and rare books for the collector.  


A smile is the same in every language and every language is what you will find at Gansbaai Book Exchange. Books printed in Afrikaans, English, Dutch, German, French and many more are amongst the immense collection of books for sale.

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Other Products and Services

Other Products and Services

Magazines and newspapers

A selection of new and old magazines as well as newspapers are sold in the Gansbaai Book Exchange.  

Small gifts and postcards

A small selection of gifts and postcards are available in the store.

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Giving back

Giving back


Eternally grateful for the kindness of the townsfolk who helped her establish Gansbaai Book Exchange, Nicolette ‘pays it forward’ by donating boxes of excess books, magazines and toys to various charity organisations.



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