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Published: 04 April 2013
By:Johan Coetzee

Verjaarsdae: Geluk en baie mooi wense aan Charl Fouche 3e, Walter Strydom 6e, JC Crous 6e.   Toekie Hattingh 8e – en dit is ook die herdenking van Leon & Toekie se troudag!  Veels geluk julle twee – mag dit ‘n wonderlike jaar wees met baie geluk en vreugde.

Woensdag se Sloegterskompetisie is gewen deur Jack McClachlan met 36 punte, gevolg deur Dawie Viljoen 36, Walter Strydom 35, Steve Muller 34, Charlie Bent 34, Daan Victor 34, Joe Cesare 33, Paul Dippenaar 33, Malcolm Bury 33, Royce Woods 33.  Naaste aan die penne was Marlene Davin op no 2&11 asook 8&17, Clive Bailey op no 15.

Donderdag was daar geen kompetisie nie as gevolg van die weer.  Die ledetrekking was nie gewen nie en is oorgedra na volgende week.

Saterdag se kompetisie was ‘n 4BBB Stableford en die wenners was Louis vd Vyver & Pierre Lombard met 42 punte, gevolg deur Victor Hunt & Rupert Roux 39, Clive Bailey & Wally van Coller 38, Solly Wessels & Royce Woods 38, Daniel vd Merwe & Jakkie Beukes 36, Jack Doyle & John Thompson 35, Bev Swart & Steve Muller 35, Danie van Zyl en Dudley Dienar 35.  Naaste aan die penne was Leon Hattingh op no 2&11, en Louis vd Vyver opno 8&17. 
Spog Twee’s word aangeteken deur Solly Wessels (2) en Louis vd Vyver (17).

Volgende Saterdag se kompetisie is ‘n 4BBB Stableford.

If you are permitted to lift your ball and the rule requires that the ball be replaced, you must put a ball-marker behind the ball before you lift it. If you don’t, it is a one-shot penalty.
When you drop a ball you must do so ‘fairly’ i.e. stand erect, hold your arm out straight at shoulder height and drop it.  You are not allowed to spin it or flip it sideways – just drop it straight down.
If you don’t do this and one of your playing partners points it out to you, you must re-drop the ball without penalty.

There are a number of instances when you could drop the ball and the result is not deemed to be ‘fair’, and in these cases the rules allow you to simply  re-drop without penalty, for example:
• if a dropped ball hit the ground and rolls into a hazard.
• If you are in a hazard, take a drop and the ball rolls out of the hazard.
• If the ball comes to rest more than two club-lengths from where it first struck a part of the course.
• If the ball ends up nearer the hold that it was.
• If you are dropping away from a moveable obstruction or ground under repair, etc. and the ball rolls back into the obstruction or ground under repair.  If this happens when you re-drop the ball, the rules require you to then place the ball where it struck the ground when it was re-dropped.

Klub/Club:  028 384 1441  Leon Hattingh & Andre Roos
Navrae/Enquiries:  082 878 0534  Johan Coetzee

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