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Blog: Final Breaking Barriers Session

Published: 06 June 2013
By:Natasha Bredenkamp

The last session of the Breaking Barriers course was held in Gansbaai last Friday.
In collaboration with the Football Foundation of South Africa, Active Communities Network, and ETA College, Breaking Barriers aims to provide a pathway to employment for individuals in the community. More specifically, the programme equips students with the skills and knowledge to become sport coaches and work with diverse populations.

Possibly the most diverse and motivated group to date, the students enjoyed meeting each Friday to learn about administrative, management, and practical skills needed to become a community coach. Over the course of the programme, participants volunteered in their communities, hosted a sports clinic, and became experts on their sport specialization.

In the last session, students delivered their final coaching demos to the rest of the group and displayed their accumulated skills. The second half of the day gave the students the opportunity to improve their hand written assignments, coaching plans and personal reflections.

The third and final cohort of a three-year programme, this group has produced some shining stars and we look forward to the impact these individuals will have on their communities.

Students are thrilled to attend Breaking Barriers Graduation on the first of August.
A huge thank you to all of our partners and friends who made this programme possible!          
Natasha Bredenkamp

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