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Gansbaai Engineering is the local “Go-To” choice when it comes to dealing with all your light, medium and heavy steelwork requirements. The team is qualified to manufacture and rebuild whatever parts and products you require for your private and business needs, offering their customers impeccable service and value for money. A structural engineer is on hand to help with designs and the focus is on safety. Services include welding, lathe work, facing and turning, general milling work, tapping and drilling, plasma and gas cutting, sandblasting and galvanising or painting.

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Fred de Pauw is a longstanding resident of Gansbaai who prides himself on producing service and products with the perfection that comes with years of experience in the engineering trade. Fred, who is a former police diver, qualified commercial diver and highly accredited recreational Scuba diver, has extensive knowledge in underwater construction.
He first established his workshop to deal with the maintenance and manufacturing of his own equipment that he used in his commercial diving and dredging company. He soon saw a gap in the market and began offering his services to the public, investing in quality equipment for his new venture.
Fred describes himself as “customer-satisfaction driven”. Standards are high and all work done in the workshop is either perfect – or it doesn’t leave the workshop. With a passion for the work he does, no engineering related problem is beyond Fred’s solving. “I don’t have a box,” he says, “I’m always working outside the box”. Despite the quality of workmanship on offer, customers will also be satisfied with the honest prices quoted, with no exaggerated mark-ups.


Gansbaai Engineering offers a range of services, including welding, lathe work, facing and turning, general milling work, tapping and drilling, plasma and gas cutting, sandblasting and galvanising or painting. For parts needed in the automotive industry, farming equipment manufacture and repair or the upkeep and repair of general household items, this is a one-stop shop.


Steelwork services range from light through to heavy work, including manufacture and repair of various products. Types of products include:

  • Light steelwork: Security gates, burglar bars, braais, railings (balustrades and ornamental parapets)
  • Medium steelwork: Rebuilding of farm implements, mobile gantries
  • Heavy steelwork: Structural columns used in construction, roof trusses, base plates

Services offered include:

  • Welding: For stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron. Includes standard arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding
  • Design and building of pumps
  • Plate bending: up to 2 mm
  • Plate rolling: up to 5.5 mm
  • Tapping and drilling
  • Milling work: including facing and boring
  • Plasma cutting
  • Gas cutting
  • Lathe work: Turning brushes, pump shafts, flanges, eccentric turning
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A variety of surfaces can be cleaned or resurfaced by sandblasting. Following sandblasting, surfaces are ready to be painted or galvanised, both of which are additional services offered by Gansbaai Engineering.

  • Surfaces: Stainless steel, aluminium, roofs, wood, brickwork, stonework



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