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Gansbaai Gas is a COC compliant company that is closely affiliated with the gas giant, Easigas, South Africa's number one LPG (liquid petroleum gas) market leader. Conveniently located at Gansbaai Motors in the centre of town and close to Gansbaai Harbour, Gansbaai Gas is ready to deal with all your LPG needs. At Gansbaai Gas you are offered everything from the sale and refill of gas cylinders for residential and commercial use to gas-related services that include the maintenance, repair and installation of all your gas appliances. Furthermore, Gansbaai Gas is on hand to issue your certificate of compliance when you embark on your next property transaction.

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Co-owners Cassie Smith and Attie Louw saw a direct need for a local and more centralized gas depot in Gansbaai. Attie is the owner of Gansbaai’s three petrol stations, Gansbaai Shell, Gansbaai Caltex and Gansbaai Motors. Cassie has been in the gas industry since 2014 and is very knowledgeable about gas regulations and legislation. Together, Cassie and Attie’s goal is to provide quality gas at highly competitive prices.

Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinders

Gansbaai Gas offers clients Easigas branded gas cylinders in all the standard sizes for use in homes and businesses.

Cylinder Sizes:

  • 9 kg
  • 15 kg
  • 19 kg
  • 48 kg


Gansbaai Gas is a COC compliant company that offers homeowners and businesses services that include:

  • Gas and gas appliance installations (residential and commercial)
  • Gas cylinder refilling is done on-site (cylinders under 10kg)
  • Gas cylinder exchanges (empty for full)
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Why Go Gas

Why Go Gas

Since 1785, natural gas has been a resource used to make the lives of the everyday individual easier. Today many home appliances are powered by gas rather than electricity. Here are five advantages of gas:

1. Environmentally friendly

The cleanest fossil fuel is natural gas that releases 45% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than other fossil fuels.

2. Affordability

In most areas, gas is more affordable than electricity for heating and water heating.

3. Convenience

In a country where the lights can go out just as quickly as they turn on, it's nice knowing that gas is ready whenever you need it.

4. Versatility

The wide range of modern gas-powered appliances available on the market means that you can go gas at any time.

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