Southernmost Golf Course In Africa

Gansbaai Golf Club has a beautiful 9-hole (18-tee) golf course nestled between blankets of indigenous fynbos and the ocean in Kleinbaai. The golf course has a links-style layout with stunning sea views from most fairways. The Gansbai Golf Club has permanent spectators, including resident Kiewiet birds, Anguilla tortoises and Cape grysbokkies that quietly observe the golfing shenanigans as golfers make their way toward the 19th hole. If squash is your game, Gansbaai Golf Club has a court ready to help you get your steps in for the day. The clubhouse bar welcomes members and guests for a refreshing drink and monthly social events. The Gansbaai Golf Club has a spacious function hall available for hire with seating arrangements for 150 people with ample secure parking on the grounds.

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Gansbaai Golf Club proudly carries the title of being the southernmost golf course in South Africa.

This is a flourishing club where many happy hours can be spent on the golf course. It is also a course known to turn macho men into weeping infants!  Many great players arrived convinced that this ‘little’ 9-hole course would be a walkover, no sweat at all, and returned humbled with scores reminiscent of a cricket match.

The challenge comes in the form of a lovely cool sea breeze, which can turn into a howling fury in the blink of an eye. Many of the course's regular players have tamed this wind to some extent and have honed the skill to play some of their best golf in these conditions. 

Players from around the globe migrate to Gansbaai Golf Club time and time again, hoping to conquer it.



Gansbaai Golf Club started by accident on Easter weekend in 1985. Mr Jacob de Villiers had all his children over to visit and woke the menfolk early to try and get them to go fishing with him. They had other plans and told him they wanted to go and play golf. Jacob went to his barber, Dirk Kotze, for a haircut and complained that the kids had to go to Hermanus to play golf and lost out on family time. Since Dirk was also the chairman of the Kleinbaai Rate Payers Association, Jacob asked him if it was not possible to donate a section of land to build a golf course in Kleinbaai. Dirk agreed and pointed to portions 212 & 213 on a map of the area. And that, as they say, was the birth of Kleinbaai Country Club / Gansbaai Golf Club.

The municipality approved the building of a golf course, and recreation club, in December 1985. and an amount of R120,000 of the reserve fund was allocated for this purpose. The Divisional Council of Caledon, being the trustee of the assets of Kleinbaai RPA, agreed on the 24th of July 1985 to offer the KRC a lease of 99 years on portions 212 & 213 for the princely amount of R1 per annum. 

On the 27th of December 1985, Jacob was appointed chairman of the Kleinbaai Rate Payers Association. During a meeting in the garage of Hans Swart, the Kleinbaai Country Club was founded and included committee members from Gansbaai, Kleinbaai and Pearly Beach. The aim was to build a recreation club with a clubhouse on the grounds and to coordinate sports. The first tentative plan for the course layout was pencilled in on copies of maps of the area by Jacob and Andries Brand. Land surveyor DJ Nicol of Hermanus surveyed the area and pegged it for free. 

In June 1986, a bush-clearing machine cleared the first three greens (present-day hole numbers 1, 8 and 9). After hacking down the bushes, teams of contractors used ploughs to break through a maze of roots. These roots were then cleared away by workers from Gansbaai Co-op Fisheries and Gansbaai Marine. Then began the mammoth task of planting the grass by hand. The first grass cuttings were brought in by Erik de Wet from his farm Retreat in Robertson, using his lorry and workers. Schalk Joubert, Boetie Geldenhuys, Gansbaai Co-op, Bokkie Botes, Wilfred Butler, Gansbaai Marine, Andries Brand and Kobus Havenga and their workers all did a magnificent job in planting the first cuttings.

Finally, in December 1986, water was pumped to the course and the divisional council fixed the account for water use at R1 per annum. Ahh, the good old days. Things have changed dramatically since then.

On the 7th of October 1987, the Kleinbaai Golf Club was officially founded in the Sea View Hotel in Gansbaai, with Andries Brand as president and Boetie Geldenhuys as vice president. After sight inspection, the clubhouse plans were approved. On the 18th of June 1987, the tender for the clubhouse building was awarded to DCW Swart & Sons.

Three additional holes were cleared in 1988 when Jac de Wet returned with his lorry full of cuttings, which his workers planted to create the 4th green. In 1990 the last three greens were completed, which qualified the club to join the South African Golf Union.

On the 21st of December 1991, Andries Brand officially opened the golf course. Former State President, FW de Klerk, had been invited but had already accepted a prior invitation to the opening of the Kleinmond Golf Course, held on the same day. However, in January 1992, FW popped in and played a 9-hole competition with Andries, Jacob and a sponsor. A memorable day because FW’s official guard accidentally broke FW’s putter when he collected his clubs from the car. Luckily a club member, Darrel Fautly, was also a lefty like FW was and saved the day. Darrel loaned FW his putter, after which the president had a great game.

Today, Gansbaai Golf Club is a thriving monument to the vision, courage, perseverance and will of ordinary people in a community. An average of 13,000 rounds of golf get played each year. Membership includes players from South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Austria, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Channel Islands, Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden,  Switzerland and New Zealand.

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The Course

The Course

Gansbaai Golf Club - Course Layout

Golf Membership Fees

Golf Membership Fees

The Gansbaai Golf Club membership fees are as follows (exclude affiliation fees to the Boland Union and Handicaps Network Africa, which are additional).

Gansbaai Golf Club Membership Fees - 2024
  • Full Membership (Men) - R2,450
  • Full Membership (Ladies) - R1,790
  • Pensioner - R1,855
  • Country Member - R1,790
  • Student - R1,790
  • Scholars - R870 
Golf Membership Application Forms
Boland Golf Union & Handicaps Network Africa Affiliation Fees - 2023

The following affiliation fees are additional to the club membership fee:


  • Social Members - R475
  • Partner - R160


  • Members - R475
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Green Fees

Green Fees

The Gansbaai Golf Club’s green fees are as follows:

Adult Member
  • 9-Holes - R80
  • 18-Holes - R100
Student Member
  • 9-Holes - R80
  • 18-Holes - R100
Scholar Membership
  • 9-Holes - R50
  • 18-Holes - R70
Affiliated Adult Visitors
  • 9-Holes - R190
  • 18-Holes - R270
Non-Affiliated Adult Visitors
  • 9-Holes - R260
  • 18-Holes - R350
Affiliated Student Visitors
  • 9-Holes - R130
  • 18-Holes - R180
Non-Affiliated Student Visitors
  • 9-Holes - R150
  • 18-Holes - R220
Group Fees
  • 9-Holes - R180
  • 18-Holes - R270
Fridays 9-Holes
  • Members - R35
  • Visitors - R100
  • Country Members - R55
Competition Fees
  • Wednesday and Saturdays - R165
  • Members (excluding green fees) - R65
  • Visitors (including green fees) - R265
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Golf Carts

Golf Carts

Gansbaai Golf Club has a limited fleet of golf carts available for hire. To avoid disappointment, please pre-book your cart ahead of your visit. 

  • 9-Holes - R140
  • 18-Holes - R230
  • 9-Holes - R210
  • 18-Holes - R330
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Squash Fees

Squash Fees

Gansbaai Golf Club’s squash court is open to members and visitors.

Squash Membership
  • Full Membership - R475 per person
Squash Court Fees
  • Members - R50
  • Visitors - R80
  • Please note that there is no equipment hire facility at the club
  • One-hour tokens are available at the bar
  • The court booking form is available at the bar
Social Membership Fee

Social Membership Fee

The social membership fee at Gansbaai Golf Club is as follows:

  • Prime Member - R475
  • Partner - R160

Social Membership Application Form



The Clubhouse is the place to get together with like-minded people, make new friends and unwind, whether you are a member of Gansbaai Golf Club or not.

Enjoy ice-cold beers and other refreshing drinks from the fully-licensed bar that also hosts popular steak evenings once a month.

Toasted Sandwich Menu (Wednesdays & Saturdays)

Remember to place your order at the bar before you tee off. All transactions for sandwiches are cash only.

  • Cheese & Tomato - R35
  • Ham, Cheese & Tomato - R40
  • Bacon & Egg - R40
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese - R45
  • Bacon & Banana - R45
Function Hall

Function Hall

Whether your get-together is a wedding, birthday, business conference, indoor market, dance class or music recital, the spacious function hall at Gansbaai Golf Club is perfect for just about any event.

  • 150 Pax
  • Hall Only - R3,000 
  • Hall and Kitchen - R3,500
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Bar (fully licensed)
  • Kitchen (by arrangement)
  • Catering (by arrangement)
  • DJ (by arrangement)
  • Rest Rooms
  • Secure Parking
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Contact Gansbaai Golf Club to enquire about venue fees and availability. 

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations



Gansbaai Golf Club - Fauna List

Raphicerus melantotis (L)

Image 1
  • Family: Bovidae
  • Common Name: Cape or southern grysbok (E), grysbokkie, Kaapse Grysbokkie (A)

Chersina angulata (L)

Image 1

Oops, caught in the act!

  • Family: Testudinidae 
  • Common Name: angulate tortoise (E), ploegskaarskilpad, rooipens, duineskilpad (A)


  • Boomslang (Dispholidus typus)
  • Mole Snake (Oseydasous caba)
  • Cape Cobra (Naja nivea)
  • Puff Adder (Bitis arietans)
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Image 2
Image 1
Image 2


Gansbaai Golf Club - Flora List

Brunsvigia orientalis (L)

Image 1
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Common Names: candelabra flower, red candelabra flower, King candelabra, chandelier lily, chandelier plant, sore-eye flower (E), ajuinbol, koningskandelaarblom, kandelaarblom, kandelaarlelie, lantanter, Maartblom, marsblom, perdespookbossie, rolbossie, seeroogblom and tanteletant (A)

Haemanthus sanguineus, Haemanthus coccineus (L)

Image 1
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae
  • Common Names: paintbrush flower, April fool (E), veldskoenblaar, brandlelie (A)

Satyrium carneum (L)

Image 1
  • Family: Orchidaceae
  • Common Names: pink satyr orchid (E), rooikappie, rooitrewwa (A)

Lachenalea bulbifera (L)

Image 1
  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Common Names: red lachenalia (E), rooinaeltjie (A)

Carpobrotus acinaciformis (L)

Image 1
  • Family: Aizoaceae
  • Common Name: Sour Fig, Sally-my-handsome (E), elandssuurvy, suurvygie, strand-vy (A)


“Our visit to Gansbaai Golf Club was an excellent experience! If you want a drink after a long day, this is the place! This is a social golf club with a welcoming staff, the barman served us drinks and was great company. If you want a good time, this club comes highly recommended.”  Hannes Retief
“Gansbaai Golf Club has a wonderful course. It was taxing and a great challenge, the greens are out-of-this-world. Playing the southernmost golf course in Africa is very special. Greatly recommended.”  Gina Esterhuizen
“Gansbaai Golf Club has a tricky little 9-hole links course. Beware the wind! Very unforgiving but fun. You are either in the fairway or your ball is gone. Greens were good.”  FD van Eeden
“Gansbaai Golf Club has a lovely 9-hole course in good condition. A warm welcome and cheap beers.”  Allan Speirs
“Gansbaai Golf Club is one of the few down-to-earth golf clubs on the planet. Beautiful views. Enjoy!”  Adèle C



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