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Gansbaai Tinting is a local company that is passionate about the craft of window tinting. The team guarantee superior workmanship in all their window tinting installations, which means no bubbles or creases, just an immaculate retrofit wrap ensuring you long-lasting quality! The wide range of tints, designs and textures available make window tinting an affordable home-decorating option, while simultaneously serving as an ideal solution for added security, privacy and energy saving.

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Business Information


Gansbaai local Elani Kriel established Gansbaai Tinting in 2017 when they realised there was a direct need for a team of efficient window film installers in the Overberg Region. Elani’s father owns Coastal Aluminium and after mentioning that he had difficulties in finding reputable product installers, the ladies who both had previous window tinting experience began formulating a plan, and Gansbaai Tinting was born.

Gansbaai Tinting specialise in window tinting using high-quality, premium window-film sourced from SOLYX®, an American tinting company. SOLYX® produces window film with options that allow most of the light into your home while preventing heat from penetrating your windows and blocking out up to 99.9 percent of damaging UV rays, and 80 percent of glare.

Where you see a sheet of glass, Gansbaai Tinting see a blank canvas that is just waiting to be transformed into a functional and aesthetically pleasing surface. The wide range of tints, designs and textures available offer a style choice for everyone, ensuring that you get to transform your home, office or business into a more beautiful space at minimal cost.


Home window tinting and decorative window film add a new dimension to any space. Decorative window film is applied to glass for a beautiful etched appearance, without the high cost usually associated with sandblasting and without the need to remove the glass while the work is being done. This solution is much less expensive than regular window treatments such as blinds and curtaining. A window film will protect your furniture from fading without detracting from the aesthetic appeal of the space.


Gansbaai Tinting take care of windows in storefronts and offices with benefits such as one-way tinting and shatterproof film, both of which are a necessary security feature in any business.

Safety and Security

A wise decision would be to install safety film on all large exposed glass areas in your home and business. Smash and grab window film makes it impossible to break the glass, therefore protecting your family, friends, employees or patients against threats such as severe weather, vandalism, theft and forced invasions. The regular window tint product protects glass and gives you similar protection to more expensive shatterproof safety-glass products.

Glass Signage

Lettering for signages outside homes and buildings, in reception areas, showrooms and retail outlets.



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