Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Grootbos Secret Season (Part 3)

Grootbos Secret Season (Part 3)

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

As we continue through the Secret Season at Grootbos (May to July), there even more exciting adventures to look forward to during this time:

Cave Tours & Mussel Foraging

“Forage for mussels on the rocky coast and indulge in the freshest seafood cuisine..”

Like the Secret Season has touched the sweeping fields of fynbos and invigorated the wildlife with a new bounce in their step, it reaches towards the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean cradled in Walker Bay. As the oceans have sculpted the landscapes through the ages, it also plays an important part in the history of the first people here as well a s an intricate part in the Secret Season journey at Grootbos.

Are you ready for a journey back in time? Then join one of our guides and Executive Chefs as we head down to the historical Klipgat Caves in De Kelders and forage for fresh mussels along the beautiful coastline. Read more about Cave Tours & Mussel Foraging

Food & Wine Experiences

“Enjoy the finest dining experiences while tasting an array of local award-winning wines…”

With the Secret Season in full swing - the skies painted in dusky hues, the waters teeming with marine life, the fields alive with the splendour of the endemic fauna and flora, the gardens are in full bloom and the weather is crisp and clear. We’ve enticed four of your senses thus far, even your sense of adventure. But now it is time to indulge in the most delectable of senses as we take you on a culinary adventure at Grootbos. Read more about our Food & Wine Experiences

Horse Riding & Mountain Biking

“Find adventure in the sprawling floral wilderness…”

With the Secret Season bringing forth one of nature’s most spectacular showcases of its beauty, it’s only natural that we look to explore and experience more of it, in more exciting ways. Grootbos offers an array of both leisure and more thrilling ways of exploring the boundless landscapes.

Taking you through the Reserve, our horse riding excursions allow for a different view of the Reserve and of course, the beautiful sand dunes and waters of the Walker Bay Reserve. During the Secret Season, horse riding is made extra special, as the trails lead you through fields of flowering Erica irregularis and guests have the chance to view these pink beauties up close. Another exciting way of tackling the landscapes is our new mountain biking trail on the Reserve hosted/guided by Sean Privett. Read more about Horse Riding & Mountain Biking

Marine Big 5

“Take to the sea and witness the unforgettable Marine Big 5…”

During the Secret Season, nature comes together in an orchestra of natural wonder. The skies are decorated with bursts of sunset hues and the flash of brightly coloured plumage, the fields are adorned with the vibrant colours of blooming fynbos, the air is filled with the buzzing of bees and birdsong, and the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean come alive with the Marine Big 5.

We invite you join us to view these awe-inspiring creatures in their natural habitat on one of our educational Eco Boat Trips. Read more about the Marine Big 5

This is the Secret Season at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve.

We’d like to give a big thank you to all who joined us during this magical time and to those who made all these journeys possible.. Till next year!

Grootbos Secret Season (Part 3)

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

With breathtaking panoramic views of mountain and sea, the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is a luxurious pristine paradise showcasing the splendour of the Cape Floral Kingdom and the incredible marine life of the southern tip of Africa. Situated 2 hours from Cape Town, Grootbos is the perfect ce...

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