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When you want durable quality vibracrete walls and structures built in-and-around Gansbaai, Hugh-Daniel Grobler of HDK INC. is the experienced and reliable expert you can count on. Using only top-of-the-range vibracrete products, Hugh-Daniel will make sure that your walls and structures are built to last, even the harshest coastal conditions. Added to vibracrete services, HDK INC. can assist you with your small to medium building and maintenance requirements such as paving and standard home improvements. HDK INC. strives for client satisfaction and will complete each project timeously and within budget. Moreover, the company follows through with the quest for service excellence by offering free site assessments and tailor-made, no-obligation quotes.

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Hugh-Daniel Grobler is a well-respected member of the Gansbaai community. 

Hugh-Daniel worked for the Overstrand Municipality for many years before establishing HDK INC. The company focuses on quality workmanship while striving for impeccable client service.

Vibracrete Walls and Structures

Vibracrete Walls and Structures

HDK INC. sources the highest quality vibracrete products in a wide variety of styles to suit just about any budget. Services include:

  • Vibracrete Walls
  • Vibracrete Storage Space
  • Vibracrete with Security Spikes
  • Vibracrete Extensions
  • Vibracrete Repairs
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HDK INC. is able to work on any surface and paving services include:

  • New Paving Installations
  • Paving Repairs
  • Paving Upgrades
Home Improvements

Home Improvements

HDK INC. offers basic interior and exterior home improvement services that won’t break the bank. These services include:

  • Building Renovations
  • Indoor and Outdoor Building Additions
  • Storm Damage Repair
Free Quote

Free Quote

HDK INC. offers:

  • Free Site-Assessment 
  • Tailor-Made Quote 

Contact Hugh-Daniel directly for more information and to arrange your free site assessment and no-obligation quote.



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