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Blog: Wilfred Chivell awarded lifetime membership to the Shark Conservation Society!

Published: 13 February 2013
By:Marine Dynamics

The Shark Conservation Society (SCS) seeks to further conservation through research expeditions and campaigns based on fact and practical experience, and to promote best practice when interaction with sharks is necessary. 

From the SCS page: “The board of the Society is delighted to announce that Wilfred Chivell has accepted Honorary Life Membership (HLM) of SCS. Wilfred is a committed "action type" conservationist who founded the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. He is also the owner of Marine Dynamics (a Gansbaai shark ecotourism operator) and a well known figure in marine wildlife circles in South Africa's Western Cape. Within SCS there has always been the belief that in general life, and in conservation, there are the 'doers' and the 'talkers' - Wilfred is very much a doer!

Congrats Wilfred!

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