Elevate your Communication - Elevate your Life

Fri, 20/09/2024, 17H00 - Tue, 24/09/2024, 15H00

Are you ready to transform the way you communicate and elevate every interaction in your life? Join us for an immersive experience designed to help you master the art of effective communication, boost your confidence, and connect deeply with yourself and others - all in a beautiful nature setting.

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In a world where the quality of our relationships and personal success hinges on our ability to communicate effectively, mastering this vital skill can unlock unimagined power and potential. Communication is more than just exchanging words; it is the foundation of understanding, connection, and creation. Our workshop is designed to revolutionize your approach to communication, helping you harness its full potential.

What can I expect?

In the serene embrace of nature, you will embark on a journey that will radically change the way you communicate. Through a blend of powerful communication techniques, voice exercises, and motivational practices, you will:

  • Reframe Your Communication: Learn to navigate conversations with yourself and others, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for connection and understanding.
  • Master Active Listening: Develop the skill of truly hearing and understanding others, enhancing your relationships and professional interactions.
  • Handle Courageous Conversations with Ease: Gain the tools to approach challenging discussions with confidence, ensuring both parties feel heard and valued.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Discover techniques to keep your motivation and confidence high, empowering you to face any situation with poise.
  • Trust Your Voice: Learn to trust and use your voice effectively, expressing yourself authentically and powerfully.

Retreat Highlights:

  • Inspiring Nature Setting: Reconnect with yourself and nature in a beautiful, tranquil environment.
  • Collaborative Atmosphere: Engage with like-minded individuals in a supportive and collaborative community.
  • Balanced Schedule: Enjoy a mix of intensive learning sessions and restful downtime to reflect and rejuvenate.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of experienced facilitators, dedicated to helping you achieve your communication goals.

Who is this for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to live a more effective, powerful, and self-determined life. If you are eager to unlock your full potential through the power of effective communication, this retreat is for you. Leaders seeking to inspire their teams, professionals aiming to improve client interactions, and individuals desiring deeper connections with loved ones will all find immense value in this experience. 

Date: 17:00 Friday 20 September - 15:00 Tuesday 24 September (note: 24 September is a public holiday)
Venue: Hearth & Soul, Sandy's Glen, Stanford


  • Double room: R9,790 per person
  • Private room: R11,790 per person
  • Early bird: R777 off for first 6 bookings OR if you bring a friend PLUS stand a chance to win a weekend away at Surya estate in Bbos

Unlock your potential and transform your life through the power of communication. 

Your Facilitators

About Dr Sanja Lutzeyer
PhD | Facilitator | Executive Life Coach | Communications Expert  | Freestyle Rapper

With over 20 years of experience in personal development, Sanja has dedicated her career to teaching individuals and corporations the essential skills needed to master communication. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy and has amassed hundreds of hours facilitating and coaching others in effective communication.

Since 2021, Sanja has been teaching Communications Courses, helping countless professionals navigate and excel in crucial conversations. Her approach is rooted in the belief that many avoid difficult discussions because they often lead to unfavorable outcomes, either for themselves or the other party. Sanja’s unique methodology focuses on equipping her students with the tools to handle these conversations properly, ensuring that all parties come out better and stronger.

As an Executive Life Coach and seasoned facilitator, Sanja’s expertise lies in transforming how people interact in both personal and professional settings. Her commitment to fostering genuine understanding and effective dialogue makes her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to enhance their communication skills and achieve lasting personal and professional growth.

About Nina Schein
Intuitive Coach | Equine Facilitator | Personal Growth Mentor | Horseback Archer

Nina is an open-hearted nature enthusiast who found her true purpose and passion on their fully off-the-grid small holding in Baardskeerdersbos, SURYA. Here, she offers transformative equine-facilitated workshops and much more. As an experienced coach, Nina specializes in an intuitive coaching technique called “Perception Enhancement,” a subtle yet powerful methodology that helps individuals maintain focus and awareness on what they truly want in life.

Fascinated by the transformative impact of using communication in a clear and meaningful way to solve misunderstandings and disagreements, Nina is a student and supporter of Sanja’s amazing skill in teaching these techniques. In the Mastering Communication Retreat, she guides participants on a journey of self-discovery, practicing their communication skills and teaching the principles of a beautiful state. Nina’s passion for personal growth and inspiration, combined with her love for nature and horses, creates a unique and nurturing environment for profound personal transformation.


I believe that mastering crucial conversations is an absolute art, and the course significantly helped me improve in this area. 🌻 This training is especially beneficial for management, as it enhances their communication skills. Moreover, it positively impacts the receiving end - the employees, who leave these conversations feeling hopeful and understood rather than discouraged.

- Maria Ross, Sales Team Lead

Often these courses are very theoretical and over one’s head, but this was logical, sensical, and pragmatic. The fact that you have coaching sessions and live practice sessions, along with specific steps to unlock the heart of the conversation, is very effective. Sanja has a way of helping you see your own true heart. In this life-changing course, I learned to authentically express my deepest needs and be properly heard using these brilliant communication tools. Thank you for sharing your life’s journey work with us!

- Julienne Fenwick, Integrative Doctor & Coach

Sanja, I will be so direct to you and you can create whatever story you want - that was amazing. I really loved it. I don’t want to exaggerate it, but it’s life-changing! You were amazing, the content was amazing and the way you presented - I really loved it. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting that much. I loved it. I got a lot from it. Really, thank you.

- Murad Keleşoğlu, International Sales Oriented Electrical Engineer

Taking this communications course was a game-changer for me. It taught me to master effective communication, improve my listening skills, and handle difficult conversations with ease. The impact has been incredible: my coaching practice, marriage, and professional life have all benefited immensely. Learning to trust my voice has made my life so much better. If you want to enhance your personal and professional relationships, I highly recommend this course.

- Jeanre Du Plessis, Multifaceted Creative Professional


The investment for the retreat is R9,790 per person for a double room and R11,790 per person for a private room.

For the first 6 bookings, we are offering an early bird discount of R777 - PLUS you stand a chance to win a weekend at the beautiful SURYA estate in Baardskeerdersbos (www.suryalistix.co.za).

Costs include all meals (delicious, vegetarian food), materials, facilitation and four nights accommodation.

Value or talent exchanges for part of the investment will be considered for those where finances pose a hurdle.


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