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All animals had been wild once. They are not suppose to be educated about road behaviour (such as the "Stop, look and go" system) poisoned food, etc. They act on basic instinct like hunger, fear, exhaustion, and mating needs. They had been here before us. We are; n their territory, not they in in ours.

The aim of OVERBERG WILDNFREE could be devided into four main categories

After the big success of our very first baby-project, the Wortelgat Caracal Project, we wish to implement more such projects to prevent the loss, and decreasing numbers, of wild animals in the Overberg Area due to a variety of reasons, one being car collisions. Most of these accidents happen because the motorists are not aware of small wild animals, such as caracals and porcupines etc, living in the nearby areas where he/she is traveling.
Motorists that are not aware of these animals are not normally alert or on the lookout for such animals, that might unexpectedly cross the road, especially in darker hours between dawn and dusk, as most of these animals are nocturnal creatures, that mostly hunt from one hour after sunset, to one hour before sunrise.
The Caracal Warning boards were put up on the Wortelgat Road in Stanford, as well as the distribution of "Drive Safe At Night" reflective car stickers.
We wish to continue with the caracal warning boards in the surrounding areas in Overberg. We also are currently working on more designs for future preventative tools.

To benefit our local community of Overberg, OVERBERG WILDNFREE would like to offer the community informative talks on a monthly basis, regarding specific wild life in our area.
These talks and education sessions would cover subjects like
- Human / Wildlife conflict (Farmers and caracals/black-backed jackals, and porcupines)
- Injured or abandoned Wildlife (Safe Emergency Care)
- Wildlife encounters and the law (Cape Nature Conservation)

In addition to the above, OVERBERG WILDNFREE plan on expanding our manpower as the need arises, by strictly employing only Overberg locals, that is sure to assist in combatting the unemployment numbers in our area. As these empoyees could be anyone from unskilled to skilled, to some education, we would love to improve their skills by offering especially unskilled employees a chance to better their status, by sending them on appropriate courses related to the work of OVERBERG WIKDNFREE.

OVERBERG WIKDNFREE strives to have a positive impact on the health and safety of the local community, educating and promoting a green lifestyle attitude towards our beautiful nature and environment. Therefore we will introduce more and more "green" control methods for ex pest control (Owls-In-Need project) where owl-friendly rat traps would be introduced to restaurants, businesses and individuals, thereby cover a multipurpose benefit to various parties, NL:
- Humane (no-kill) pest control (mice and rats)
- Supplying poison-free food for owl rehabilitators for their sick or injured owls
- Prevention of secondary poisoning of our wild owls in the area
- Attracting more owls to our area, by supplying, installation and maintenance of Owl houses.
These are just examples of more projects like this to follow, that would contribute to a healthy and safe Overberg

We are also proud to mention that we have Dr Liesel Trollope on board, that are willing to offer her time and expertise to assist with medical emergencies that might arise. It is a very big honour for us and sure to be of tremendous help when the basic care of an injured animal is not enough for survival.

As we are totally dependent, at this stage, on the support of the community, we are planning to raise funds for our work through sponsored projects and fundraising events.
Therefore we are asking the community of Overberg to support us in any way you see fit, and we welcome any assistance from digging holes for roadsigns, to collecting trapped mice from everywhere around Overberg.

We look forward to work together with our local authorities, sponsors and supporters to make Overberg a better place for all that shares it, humans as well as animals.

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