Hosted by Susan van Zyl

This workshop is a hands-on opportunity to breathe new life into the creative artistic talent. In this practical and interactive workshop, I will take you on a journey to understand your intuitive process and overcome your personal challenges to achieve pure expression from your spirit in collaboration with the Holy Spirit. This is not a class in art techniques, but a prophetic worship class with an experience that strengthens your heart to release joy and freedom in your art, and potentially in other areas of your life. I help you to break through the barriers that block creative expression and assist you in receiving and releasing transforming visual messages from the heart of God. In this workshop, you will receive the tools to "get out of your own way", remove personal obstacles, as a God-centered mindset is the key to unlocking creativity and renewing your art-focused thinking. Regardless of your level of artistic skill, you will be guided with new insights, renewed self-confidence, and faith in your ability to paint directly from your spirit.

At the end of the session, you may complete a dynamic original artwork and gain the momentum to continue creating prophetically. This workshop supports and nurtures Kingdom purposes and Biblical guidelines so that art will once again become an important element in the life of any Christian, experienced artists or beginner artists.
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