'The Quickening of Consiousness' - Life Alignment Retreat with Jeff Levin

4 Day (3 Night) Retreat

Thu, 09/02/2023, 11H00 - Sun, 12/02/2023, 16H00

The Earth is moving into a new vibration and the current chaos is the catalyst for this increase in frequency. The Pandemic and political happenings have shaken things up to give us access to this new level of awareness. This is the ‘quickening’ that is happening cosmically where everything is manifesting faster.

In this unique 4 day (3 night) retreat with Jeff Levin, we will enquire and experience the influence these events have had on us – energetically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. To do this, we will come back together for deep cleansing and detoxification of our past and all the burdens that hold us back so we can step forward to meet this new frequency, free to meet the dimension beyond duality.

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All included:

All included:

  • Daily Life Alignment Balances with Jeff
  • Daily Meditation
  • Daily Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Drumming
  • Silent Nature Walks
  • 3 Soul Nourishing Meals per day
  • Time for swimming, walking and playing
  • Time for rest and renewal
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded humans

The retreat runs from 11am Thursday 9th Feb to Sunday 16:00pm 12th Feb.

For any enquiries, please email info@bkr.co.za.

Package Rates


February 9 - 12, 2023

  • Catered Camping – R 5,450.00
  • Farmhouse Restio – R 6,950.00
  • Cloister Inner – R 6,950.00
  • Cloister Outer – R 6,950.00
  • Courtyard Single Occupancy – R 9,350.00
  • Farmhouse Single Occupancy – R 8,600.00
  • Garden Room Single Occupancy – R 9,350.00
  • Courtyard Shared Double Occupancy – R 15,700.00
  • Farmhouse Double Occupancy – R 14,650.00
  • Garden Room Double Occupancy – R 15,700.00

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